Taimen Fishing In Russia: Battle a River Monster

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Imagine the exhilaration you would get from battling a 100kg Taimen river monster at the edge of the world. Taimen fishing in Russia is a sport shrouded in legend and mythology, making this sport an exhilarating adventure in a place where time hasn’t touched.  

 Taimen fishing Russia Siberia

In the Siberia backcountry lies some of the greatest trophy fishing areas known and unknown to man. Taimen fishing is one of the most exciting and prestigious fishing in the world and Siberia is the place to do it. Taimen is an accepted cousin of the salmon bloodline, which lives in the inner waters sprawling throughout the picturesque Siberian countryside.

Taimen Fish Travel Russia

The Taimen fish is shrouded in myth; perhaps no other fish has intrigued the sport of fishing and fly-fishing more than the Taimen. “A famous Mongol tale tells of a wandering group of starving tribesmen who come upon a giant Taimen imprisoned in the ice of a frozen river. They carve off pieces of frozen flesh to stave off certain starvation, in the spring, when the ice melts, the giant fish swims off”. This story plus others have given the name “Taimen” a reputation that brings people around the world to battle this giant fish.

 Taimen fishing Russia Siberia

Taimen are insatiable predators that can grow to enormous proportions in the vast river habitats of Siberia. The largest verified specimen was recorded to be 109 Kg and can be more than 1.5 meters in length. Taimen spawn in spring, right after rivers clear of ice, and inhabit rivers with clean water, gravel or stony bottom and large, flowing, cold-water.

Taimen river monster

Fishing in Russia is a somewhat prestigious sport, whereby the remoteness of the activity usually requires a helicopter or some means of transport. Taimen have become somewhat scarce in recent years. This together with the remoteness provides for a very personalized adventure in search of the giant fish. Russian fishing adds an element all of its own, whereby the backdrop to the fishing adventure is the picturesque Siberian wilderness.  Imagine again if you will flying in over the beautiful mountain ranges and landing to battle the behemoth lurking in these frigid waters.

Taimen river fishing

Fishing for this beast of the river can be done using traditional fly-fishing methods however the sport revolves around a catch and release style with barbless lures. This is so not to destroy the Taimen population in their natural environment. 

Russia fishing bait

So why not take an adventure of a lifetime to Siberia to battle this mythological predator in the land of fire and ice. One might say that half the adventure is in the journey so get out there. Want to cast your road further? Check out our Kamchatka Fly Fishing tour.

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