Why Travel With Us

Seamless travel

Our Commitment to delivering outstanding travel experiences in some of the most stunning & remote places in Russia takes skill, effort and experience. Your pleasure is number 1 on our priority list. Making sure that all the fine details are handled perfectly means Seamless travel.

Active adventures

We got you covered; we have assembled some of the best active adventures in Russia. If you are the active or adventure traveller type, we feel you. Many of our adventure trips are the type to rave about to your friends and family while spamming their social news feeds with your photos.

Incomparable service

From the first phone call to the final nostalgic photo swap, we pride ourselves on anticipating and answering each and every question you might have before, during and after your trip, that way the only surprises on your trip are good ones.

Expert trip designers

Our talented itinerary designers are awesome at what they do—and what they do is turn what seems impossible into reality. We spent years researching, testing and making sure that expectations meet reality.

Exciting destinations

While we love the capitals of Russia, we are also passionate to show you the amazing off the beaten track places like Kamchatka, Altai, Yakutia and Lake Baikal just to name a few, guaranteed to impress any traveller seeking a unique destination.

Bespoke choices

We understand that sometimes you may choose a bespoke approach to travel in Russia, we got you covered by creating itineraries tailored to meet your every need, with every stitch of every day crafted just the way you want it.


while value may mean different things to different people, value for us means an outstanding travel experience. While staying competitive, instead of competing for price, we prefer to compete for quality experience.

Small groups

while travelling in Small group may be more affordable, for us it does not mean less personal attention, our groups are a usually 6-12 people, which allow for great level of care while making it very affordable.

Destination expertise

Our founders and team immerse themselves daily with everything to do with the ultimate travel experiences in Russia. We may never have all of Russia covered, it’s huge! But we will surely try.


If you have any urgent questions or enquiries, please give us a call +61 2 9388 9816