Why 56th Parallel

Why visit Russia with 56th Parallel

Destination Specialists

Our team offers over 20 years of experience travelling and planning travel in Russia. Delivering outstanding travel experiences in Russia’s capitals and in some of the most stunning & remote locations in Siberia takes Experience, Access and the right connections. We make sure that all the fine details are handled perfectly so you can enjoy your Russia travel experience.

Guaranteed Departures & Private Tours

The option to join a small group on a guaranteed departure or chose to travel on your own dates with your own mates. Each destination we travel to in Russia offers a choice between private tours and small group tours. Please note: On our adventure tours in remote destinations, we mostly run group tours to keep the cost down for everyone.

Bonded and licenced in Australia

56th Parallel – Russia travel specialists, is a licenced, bonded, insured and accredited travel provider. Being accredited in Australia provides peace of mind to travellers for all the world.

with you every step

From the first phone call to the final nostalgic photo swap, we pride ourselves on anticipating and answering each and every question you might have before, during and after your trip, that way the only surprises on your trip are good ones.

Bespoke Choices

We understand that sometimes you may choose a bespoke (personalised tour/tailor-made) approach to travel in Russia. Our trip designers are experts at creating itineraries tailored to meet your every need, just the way you want it.

Off the beaten track

We love the capitals of Russia, but we are also passionate to show you the amazing off the beaten track regions, like Kamchatka, Altai, Lake Baikal and even the Russian Arctic via expedition cruises, perfect for travellers seeking a unique experience.

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Active adventures

We run exciting active adventures to amazing destinations in Russia. Russia has a lot to offer travellers who appreciate nature, wildlife and adventure. A few examples to explore Russia are hiking volcanoes, Kayaking with Orca whales, Photographing brown bears in Kamchatka and many more.

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Russian visa services

We understand that you might prefer to avoid dealing with the bureaucracy of the visa application process. We offer access to Russian visa specialists to take over the hassle of the application.

We have been, seen & experienced Russia

Our tour designers have experienced the tours we offer many times over. This provides you a benefit of a knowledgeable backed, top-notch Russia travel professional.

Our Guides are our Pride

We know that a tour guide can make or break a travel experience, so just like we make sure that we have the most knowledgeable and helpful Russia travel consultants, we also made sure that we have the very best guides.

No waiting inline policy

All of our customers, both private and small groups, enjoy free line admission to all venues and excursions included in the program. You will never have to wait for two hours in the line. You will see every sight in detail with a professional guide and you will not be rushed.

No hidden fees

We don’t believe in hiding the actual price of the trip. On the contrary, the price that we give is the final price that you will pay and it includes everything listed in the tour program. You pay exactly what you expect.

*The only exceptions are optional activities you might choose to add while on tour.

Supporting nomadic tribes & communities

Few of our cultural immersion tours to remote destinations of Russia are a direct action of supporting the livelihood of local nomadic tribes. We are proud to support the Nenets of Yamal, the Buryat people in Lake Baikal region, Altay people in Altai and Koryaks in Kamchatka.

If you have any urgent questions or enquiries, please give us a call +61 2 9388 9816