Golden RingExplore the medieval towns of the Russian province

So close to the capital of Russia, Moscow, yet seemingly a world away, the beautifully preserved ancient cities of the Golden Ring route are favoured destinations for travellers seeking the idyllic, provincial Mother Russia of old. Scattered across a rural landscape of rolling hills, flower blanketed meadows, rivers and streams, the cities of the Golden Ring were considered political backwaters by the time Soviet industrialisation took hold, escaping much of the urban progress that rapidly engulfed Moscow and its surrounds. Consequently, many locals still lead a largely traditional existence, living in tight-knit communities where the ancestral izba (wooden farmhouse) is the centre of daily life.

Many Golden Ring cities date back to at least the 10th century, and played a vital role in Medieval history, associated with the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church, the reign of Tsars and the Mongol Invasions. Virtually every town is a living museum, made up of ancient forts, towering monasteries, imposing palaces and magnificent cathedrals. Recognised for their artistic merit an important place in history, four sites on the Golden Ring circuit have gained UNESCO World Heritage status, including the 1,000-year-old city of Yaroslavl.

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Golden Ring tour

Golden Ring at a Glance

Private tour | Any dates of your choice
Sergiev Posad * Suzdal * Vladimir

Take a short detour from Moscow to discover the age-old allure of Russia. Travelling from the capital to the countryside, where golden spires and the onion-shaped domes of colourful monasteries dot the horizon, explore the historic and enchanting towns of Suzdal, Vladimir and Sergiev Posad.

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Golden Ring Russia

Golden Ring - Reflections of Russian Heritage

Private tour | Your Dates, Your Group
Vladimir * Suzdal *Plyos * Kostorma * Yaroslavl * Rostov * Peresalvl Zalessky * Sergiev Posad

The tour will take you to the eight cities of the Golden Ring, starting from Vladimir. The 'classical' route will take you to the fascinating sites of ancient cities. Get to see calm, slow, peaceful life in rural Russia and enjoy its architectural gems, culture and history.

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Moscow St Petersburg Golden Ring Tour Russia

Moscow, St Petersburg and Golden Ring Rendezvous

Private tour | Choose your own dates
Moscow * Vladimir * Suzdal * Sergiev Posad * St Petersburg

This tour of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring explores the places that shaped Russia’s history – past, present and future. Uncover Moscow’s ongoing revolutionary spirit, before journeying back in time to rural, medieval Russia. End in St Petersburg, a city of royal splendour and undeniable romance.

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