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Visit the Altai Republic and it’s easy to forget that you’re still in Russia. One of Russia’s ethnic republics, primary representing the indigenous Altay people, the Altai Republic straddles the Siberian taiga, the steppes of Kazakhstan and the Mongolian plateau. This crossroad of civilization is home to an astonishingly diverse population of indigenous groups and nationalities. The landscape of the majestic Altai Mountain range consists of snow-capped peaks, plummeting canyons, forest-flanked rivers and glinting glacial lakes.

Tourism in Altai is still in its infancy, making an Altai adventure tour ideal for leaving the tourist trappings behind in favour of wilderness hikes, horse-riding, kayaking and white-water rafting. And while Altai’s scenery may take your breath away, the warmth, hospitality and ancient culture of its people will undoubtedly steal your heart.


  • If it’s natural beauty and absolute solitude you’re seeking, Altai travel is for you. On our Altai tours, you’ll traverse empty, high elevation highways and trek to epic vantage points where breathtaking panoramas spread out before you without a single soul in sight.
  • Visit sacred Lake Teletskoye. Altai’s largest lake is set between two mountain ridges, hiding remote beaches and cascading waterfalls only accessible by boat.
  • Over a quarter of the Altai Republic is covered in forest. A guided Altai Mountains hiking trip can take you deep into one of the world’s last untouched wilderness areas.
  • Horse-rising in Altai is both a cultural experience and an adventure. Horses are integral to the nomadic lifestyles of the indigenous people. Some now act as guides on horseback tours through Altai’s forests, valleys and plains.
  • The Katun River and Chuya rivers are the settings for superb whitewater rafting and kayaking tours, suitable for beginners through to experienced multi-day rafters and campers.
  • Hike rarely visited trails in Saylyugemsky National Park. A sanctuary for some of Eurasia’s most endangered species, including the snow leopard, it right on the crossroads of Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.
  • Be welcomed into nomadic camp in the alpine meadows to hear an incredible performance of traditional Turkic throat singing


While it can seem harder and harder to discover travel destinations that are truly beyond the beaten track, where better to look for such a location than a remote mountain range in far southern Siberia?

Altai is one of the best destinations in Russia for nature and wildlife tours, and although the dense forests make sightings a challenge, Altai offers the chance to spot the argali sheep, forest reindeer, Eurasian lynx, corsac fox, brown bear and the most elusive predator of them all - the snow leopard.

Explore Altai Tours

Altai Photo Tour

Altai Photo Tour, Shimmers of Siberia's Autumn

Private tour | One departure per year
Chuya Steppe * Kurai Steppe * Chuya Highway * Aktru * Geyser Lake

You’ll be given ample opportunity to snap stunning landscape photos of Altai at its very best. Contrasting colours are everywhere - red canyons, silver mountains, white glaciers, yellow grasslands, azure lakes, amber larch trees and evergreen cedar. Every day is more beautiful than the next! This Altai Photo tour was perfectly created for photographers - beginners up to pros are all welcome!

11Days From(USD) $2,780 View Tour
Altai Adventure Tour Siberia tour Russia

Golden Mountains of Altai Adventure Tour

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Chemal * Katun River * Chuisky Road * Askat * Katu-Yaryk * Uchar * Teletskoye Lake

This awe-inspiring circuit within the dramatic Altai Mountain range crosses vast distances to reach some of the most beautiful places in Siberia. Stretching from the capital, Gorno-Altaysk almost to the Mongolia and China borders and back, this Altai adventure takes you into the rugged heart of this untamed region.

11Days From(USD) $1,998 View Tour
Cultural immersion
Altai Nomads tour

Spirit of the Altai Nomads Tour

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Chemal * Uch-Enmek * Karakol valley * Chuya Highway * Multinskiye Lakes * Ust-Koksa * Krasnogorskiye Lakes * Katun River * Belukha Mountain

This 12-day Altai tour offers a combination of incredible sightseeing, undemanding adventure activities and culturally immersive experiences. You’ll be one of a few privileged outsiders to visit some of the most spiritually powerful places in Altai in Siberia, according to the legends of the indigenous Altayan people.

12Days From(USD) $2,110 View Tour

A custom tour made to order

We understand sometimes our set departure dates do not align with your ability to travel at that time, or you just want to travel bespoke. We got you covered.

Go custom — gives you the choice & flexibility of creating your own bespoke itinerary, using our tours for inspiration.

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