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Russian Authors, Russian Literature
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Russian Literature: 9 Famous Russian Writers You Should Know

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 28th Jul 2020

It’s no secret that Russia has birthed some of the greatest writers in history. The Golden age of Russian Poetry was ignited by none other than the famous Alexander Pushkin, also known as the Russian Shakespeare. However, there are many other famous Russian Writers whose profound ideas, storytelling abilities and literary works have resonated over time.

Educational tour to Russia
Russia Travel Experiences

A Teacher's Guide to Planning an Educational Tour to Russia

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

Planning an Educational tour to Russia can be an extremely daunting task for many teachers. However, it is an incredibly rewarding experience when done properly, giving you and your students many opportunities for personal development and intellectual growth. 

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice

7 Reasons to Consider a School Trip to Russia

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 22nd Jul 2020

The impact of a school trip to Russia can have on a student is immeasurable. Beyond the fun and adventure are incredible educational and social benefits that students can experience and gain from embarking on an educational tour. When able to see, touch and smell the very subjects they have learned about in classrooms, students return with a deeper connection and passion for their studies, and understanding of people, history and culture.

Russian village
Russia Travel Experiences

Rural Russia: Discover Life in Russia Beyond the Capitals

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 11th Oct 2021

Have you ever wondered what rural life beyond Russia’s bustling major cities is like? Or have you simply wanted to escape to the more quiet, pleasant outskirts beyond its capital hubs? 

Northern Lights Russia Murmansk tours Aurora
Russia Travel Experiences

Northern Lights in Russia - The Travel Guide

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 11th Oct 2021

This guide was created to help travellers who are considering experiencing the Northern Lights in Russia. We look into some essential considerations that will help you plan for the best possible Northern lights experience and help you decide where how and to take it all in.

Yamal tour Nenets Siberian migration tribes Russia,Yamal Peninsula travel guide
Russia Travel Experiences

Yamal Travel Guide - the Land of Nomadic Nenets

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

As the world gets smaller, there’s a desire to go further – and there are just a few places as enchantingly far away as Yamal. One of the last refuges of Russia’s nomadic reindeer herders, it is so far north that most of it is located beyond the Arctic Circle.

Moscow food guide, Best restaurants near moscow landmarks
Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice

The Best Restaurants Near Moscow's Most Famous Landmarks

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

Looking to satisfy your tastebuds while exploring famous Moscow landmarks? we’ve got you covered! Being Russia’s historical, megacity capital, Moscow is bursting at the seams with incredible buildings and landmarks that embody the country’s rich history and culture.


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