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For centuries, Russians of a certain class have had a reputation for craving the finer things in life. Infamous for their love of opulence and grandeur, the flamboyant Tsars left plenty of evidence of their lavish spending in the glided palaces and splendid mansions that still stand today as top Russian tourist attractions and astonishing reminders of their royal excesses. Sure, the Soviet-era gave Russia’s image a shake-up, but Russia’s reputation for bling is back, with 71 billionaires living it up in Moscow alone.

Russia is synonymous with some of the globe’s most expensive goods, from caviar to Faberge to $1 million bottles of vodka. So why not treat yourself to an authentic cultural experience and a sample of the life of the modern-day oligarch? While we’re not strictly luxury Russia travel agents, we certainly know how to put a luxury Russia trip together - five-star hotels, private tour guides and drivers, VIP tickets, fine dining and experiences that require special access to.

Looking for a luxury vacation outside of the city? Luxury travel in Russia doesn’t end in Moscow and St Petersburg. For some, the ultimate indulgence is exclusive and extreme. Where better to get away from the crowds than helicoptering, hover crafting or luxury cruising to some of the most remote adventure destinations in the world? So, get ready for the ultimate VIP treatment - your luxury vacation in Russia awaits!

  • Stay in 5-star comfort at some of Moscow and St Petersburg’s best luxury hotels
  • Glimpse into the lifestyles of Russia’s elite on a luxury guided city tour of Moscow. Shop at the decadent GUM department store and feast on high-end cuisine at White Rabbit, one of Russia’s best restaurants.
  • Be treated to VIP tickets (no queuing inline) as you experience a sublime night out at the Russian ballet, or enjoy a classical concert or opera in Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre or one of St. Petersburg’s magnificent palaces.
  • Try luxury train travel in Russia as you wine and dine on business or first class Sapsan high-speed train from Moscow to St Petersburg.
  • Discover the magic of the ancient rural towns on the banks of the Volga River, sipping champagne on the deck of the intimate MS Volga Dream, Russia’s most luxurious river cruise vessel.
  • Satisfy all your senses on a luxury and adventure tour in one. Imagine jumping from a helicopter to ski the pristine powder of a Kamchatka volcano. Or, go where few tourists have gone before on an incredible Arctic luxury cruise to the Kuril Islands.

Moscow and St. Petersburg are the playgrounds of the world’s wealthiest tycoons. Get a tantalising taste of their lives, shopping for exclusive brands and sampling exquisite fare exploring Moscow’s fine dining restaurant scene.
On a private, escorted tour of Russia’s capital cities, history is served with a sumptuous side of extravagances. See just how far the Romanov’s over-the-top affluence went with eye-popping visits to opulent city palaces and stately summer homes in the enchanting string of rural towns now known as the Golden Ring.

For exclusive experiences beyond the cities, explore the Russian wilderness on fancy toys for wealthy playboys. Imagine ice hover crafting on a private tour of Lake Baikal, heliskiing in Kamchatka or voyaging to the North Pole on a luxury cruise aboard a nuclear-powered icebreaker. Welcome to a land where luxury knows no limits!

Russia Far East Cruise

Ring of Fire - Kamchatka, Commander & Kuril Islands Expedition Cruise

Expedition cruise | Russian Far East | Heritage Adventurer
Otaru (Japan) > Sakhalin > Kuril Islands > Commander Islands > Kamchatka

Journey to the most dramatic reaches of the Pacific Ring of Fire in the Russian Far East. Discover astounding landscapes, active volcanoes, forgotten Soviet hideouts, nesting seabirds in their millions and pristine oceans home to some of the world's rarest marine mammals.

14days From(USD) $9,450 View Tour
Brand New Cruise Ship!
Volga River cruise Russia luxury

Volga River Cruise: Tsars Waterways of Russia

River cruise | M/S Mustai Karim | From St Petersburg to Moscow or vice versa
St Petesburg * Valaam * Mandrogi * Kizhi * Goritsy * Uglich * Moscow

Sailing between Moscow and St. Petersburg, though the Russian countryside. Experience includes an array of cultural riches and awe-inspiring natural phenomena, bookended by the country’s most iconic cities.

11days From(USD) $4,050 View Tour
Volga River Cruise

Volga river: Russian countryside voyage

River cruise | M/S Mustai Karim | From St Petersburg to Moscow or vice versa
St Petesburg * Valaam * Mandrogi * Kizhi * Goritsy * Uglich * Moscow

Sailing between Moscow and St. Petersburg, this unique experience includes an array of cultural riches and awe-inspiring natural phenomena, bookended by the country’s most iconic cities and small towns. The Russian Countryside cruise offers a perfect combination of vibrant cities and peaceful provinces.

8days From(USD) $2,950 View Tour
Yenisei River Cruise Siberia

Yenisei River Cruise - Siberian Exploration

River cruise | M/S Maksim Gorky | Siberia and Arctic Circle
Krasnoyarsk * Yeniseisk * Turukhansk * Igarka * Dudinka

A one-of-a-kind cruise on the untouched wilderness of Siberia's Yenisey river. Discover untouched lands and sail unshared waters – the first and only river cruise to travel the spectacular Yenisei River to the edge of the world.

11days From(USD) $11,250 View Tour
Volga dream Russia river cruise

Volga River Cruise and Two Capitals

River cruise | M/S Volga Dream | From Moscow to St Petersburg or vice versa
Moscow * Uglich * Yaroslavl * Goritsy * Kizhi * Svirstroy * St Petersburg

This glorious journey combines the best sites of Moscow and St. Petersburg, with a deluxe cruise on the iconic Volga River. An ideal journey for individual travellers and small groups who want to explore both the Russian countryside and the treasures of Russia's grandest cities.

13days From(USD) $4,995 View Tour
Lower volga river cruise

Grand Volga River Cruise from Moscow to Astrakhan

River cruise | M/S Volga Dream | From Moscow to Astrakhan
Moscow * Uglich * Yaroslavl * Nizhny Novgorod * Kazan * Samara * Saratov * Volgograd * Astrakhan

Traverse the longest river in Europe and discover the myriad landscapes and diverse cultures that make Central Russia a truly intriguing cruise destination. On a journey aboard the deluxe Volga Dream.

14days From(USD) $4,795 View Tour
Russia river cruise Volga Dream

Volga River Cruise - Russian Odyssey

River cruise | M/S Volga Dream | From Astrakhan to St Petersburg
St Petersburg * Svirstroy * Kizhi * Goritsy * Yaroslavl * Uglich * Mosow * Nizhny Novgorod * Kazan * Samara * Saratov * Volgograd * Astrakhan

Embark on a luxurious odyssey from Astrakhan to St.Petersburg aboard the deluxe MS Volga Dream. Discover the rich cultural side of Russia as you stroll through historic towns like Yaroslavl and Uglich, explore modern Moscow, and experience local traditions and cultures in Tatarstan.

19days From(USD) $6,395 View Tour
north pole cruise, Russia tour

Top of the World - North Pole Cruise

Expedition cruise | 50 Years of Victory Icebreaker
Murmansk > North Pole > Franz Josef Land > Murmansk

Embark the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy for a roundtrip voyage through the frozen Arctic Ocean to the geographic North Pole. Enjoy the opportunity to explore the rarely visited Russian Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land with its breathtaking landscapes and wildife. This is an extraordinary voyage on a one-of-a-kind ship, worthy of a true adventurer.

13days From(USD) $31,995 View Tour
Kamchatka heli-ski Russia winter tour

Kamchatka Heli Ski

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
4 heli-ski days * 2 days for additional activities

Fly high above the untamed peaks of Kamchatka in a Russian chopper, and carve down the untouched slopes of the peninsula.

8days From(USD) $5,850 View Tour
New Years addition series
Trans Siberian Winter Northern Lights

Arctic Rail Explorer - Quest for Northern Lights

Golden Eagle private train | Group railway journey | Set departures
St Petersburg * Kirkines * Murmansk * Petrozavodsk * Vladimir * Suzdal * Moscow

Take in the beautiful cities of St Petersburg and Moscow before exploring deep into the Russian and Norwegian Arctic Circle in pursuit of the magnificent Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

12days From(USD) $13,795 View Tour
Golden Eagle Luxury Trans-Siberian tour

Golden Eagle, Luxury Trans-Siberian Express

5 STAR | Group railway journey | Moscow to Vladivostok and wise versa
Moscow * Kazan * Yekaterinburg * Novosibirsk * Irkutsk * Lake Baikal * Ulan-Ude * Ulan-Baatar (Mongolia) * Vladivostok

The Trans-Siberian Railway journey, onboard of the luxurious Golden Eagle across mysterious Russia from Moscow over the Urals, across the magnificent and endless steppe and alongside the shore of the world's largest freshwater lake.

15days From(USD) $18,095 View Tour

Naadam Festival - Trans Mongolian Express

5 STAR | Group railway journey | Set departures
Moscow * Kazan * Yekaterinburg * Novosibirsk * Irkutsk * Lake Baikal * Ulan-Ude * Ulan-Baatar (Naadam Festival)

Join us and experience 'The Big Event' in the Mongolian calendar. Soak up the exciting atmosphere of the Naadam Festival from the opening ceremony to the 20km horse race, an opportunity very few people get to see up close.

13days From(USD) $18,095 View Tour

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