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Why travel to Russia in winter?

With their breathtaking frozen lakes, enchanted ice caves and cozy snow-covered cobbled streets, Winter is undoubtedly the most stunning time of the year to visit Russia.

While few travellers dare to brave its sub-zero temperatures, the rewards for those that do are without parallel.

Russia Winter Tours are available From November to April each year, Russia transforms into a world of cultural festivities and fun activities, with the streets and parks turning into wonderlands of snow.

  • Experience the beauty of Russia’s world-famous landmarks and historical buildings such as the Red Square, the Hermitage and Catherine’s Palace, under an almost magical crisp white blanket of snow. Bonus: fewer tourists during the winter in Russia means smaller crowds and shorter lines!
  • Try your hand at one of Russia’s many winter activities, such as ice skating across the breathtaking Lake Baikal, husky-sledding through the forests of Kamchatka, and joining a snowmobile safari adventure to the Viluchinsky waterfall.
  • Hunt for the Northern Lights, one of the most astonishing natural phenomenon on Earth and definite travel experience at the top of every adventurer’s bucket list. Located at the Kola Peninsula in Russia’s Arctic.
  • Immerse yourself in the cultures of ancient nomadic Russian tribes such as the indigenous Nenets of Yamal and the shamanistic Yakuts of Yakutia.
  • Venture to the coldest inhabited area on Earth for an experience like no other, known as Oymyakon, where winter temperatures average -50ºC.

We’re not going to lie, it does get cold during the winters in Russia. Very much so! However, it is rarely that cold the right clothing can’t deal with.

Plus, buildings and trains are designed to keep travellers snug and warm. There is no better feeling than coming in out of the cold into a toasty café and sipping on a hot cup of tea or a hearty traditional Russian soup!

Moreover, there are many things to do in Russia during winter that has been designed to make the best out of the cold season, and will most definitely get your blood flowing to warm you up.

Ride on a sled pulled by a troika, go on a vodka tasting tour, or fill your stomach on “blinis” (Russian pancakes) with caviar.

For those snow-filled action lovers, our Russia winter tours offer a wide range of activities that are sure to arouse the intrepid traveller within.

Try your hand at husky sledding, ski down the fiery peaks of Kamchatka, or speed your way through snowy forests and across frozen lakes on a snowmobile.

For a more unique and genuine Russian winter experience, make your way to the remote regions of Yamal and Yakutia where ancient nomadic cultures thrive off the harsh Russian landscapes.

Experience a cultural immersion like no other as you ride like a Siberian on Yakut horses, sleep in conical teepees (known as ‘chums’), and assist the indigenous tribes with their annual reindeer migration.

And New Years Celebrations!
Moscow and St Petersburg winter tour Russia Christmas New Years

Moscow & St Petersburg Winter Escapade

Private tour | Set your own dates
Moscow > St Petersburg (or reverse)

Experience the romantic, winter wonderland atmosphere and festive city lights of Russia’s two biggest cities and celebrate the New Year! You’ll discover some of the cities' most iconic attractions and lesser-known gems.

8days From(USD) $1,990 View Tour
lake Baikal Ice Adventure

Lake Baikal Ice Adventure

Group tour | Set your own dates
Ikutsk * Listvyanka * Olkhon Island * Ogoy Island

Feel as though you have stepped into a fantasy novel as you experience a magical adventure, one that you will never forget. You'll explore the frozen beauty of Olkhon Island by crossing the lake by ice roads, and experience real Siberian fun - snowmobiling and ice skating.

7days From(USD) $2,445 View Tour
Lake Baikal Ice Winter tour Russia Siberia

Lake Baikal - Frozen beauty of Olkhon Island

Private tour | Set your own dates
Olkhon Island * Ogoi island * Irkutsk

Step foot on Siberia’s most famous attraction, Lake Baikal – see its clear-as-a-mirror waters which reflect Siberia’s wildness, vastness and natural beauty. Explore the ice grottoes, caves and ice bubbles of the iconic Olkhon island and Maloye More on hovercraft and jeeps.

5days From(USD) $2,885 View Tour
Lake Baikal Ice Winter tour Siberia

Lake Baikal: Ice, Sun, Snow & Fun

Private tour | Set your own dates
Irkutsk * Listvyanka *Peschanaya Bay

Tour Russia's Lake Baikal in just four days, on a guided small group tour that offers the perfect combination of adventure, culture and relaxation. You will depart in mid-winter, when the sight of the world's deepest lake, transformed into an endless expanse of mirror-clear ice is nothing short of breathtaking.

4days From(USD) $1,350 View Tour
2021 departures are open!
Lake Baikal Photo expedition

Lake Baikal Photography Tour 2020

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Irkutsk > Olkhon island > Irkutsk

Stay for 5 days on the famous Olkhon Island in Lake Baikal. Walk on the glass-clear ice and catch the perfect shots of this amazing frozen beauty! We will spend plenty of time on the ice, crossing the lake in vehicles and stopping at various spots such as ice grottos, huge ice blocks and beautiful ice mounds.

8days From(USD) $2,990 View Tour
Northern lights in Russia

Northern Lights in Russia: Arctic Winter Magic

Private tour | Set your own dates
Moscow * St Petersburg * Karelia * Kola Peninsula * Murmansk

Explore main sights of mighty Moscow and cultural capital of Russia - Saint Petersburg. Head to Karelia, where we’ll stop to admire the Ruskeala Mountain Park and historic Kizhi Island. Discover the customs of the indigenous Saami in Kola Peninsula and observe Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky.

12days From(USD) $3,550 View Tour
Russian New years

Northern Lights & New Years Celebrations in Russia - Rail Tour

Imperial Russia private train | Group railway journey | Set departures
Moscow > St Petersburg > Petrozavodsk > Murmansk > Vologda > Moscow

We invite you to feel the atmosphere of the holiday and magic of winter St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Vologda and to celebrate the New Year beyond the Arctic Circle on the shores of the Barents Sea with a glass of sparkling champagne, joy and laughter. Truly, an unusual and colourful journey, like the elusive Northern Lights themselves!

10days From(USD) $4,950 View Tour
Northern lights Murmansk, Russia aurora borealis

Northern lights in Murmansk - Quest for Aurora Borealis

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Murmansk * Teriberka village * Saami settlement * Northern Lights hunt

Spend 3 full days in Arctic city of Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula, where you will enjoy snow activities such as husky dog sledding and snowmobiling during days and will get a chance to hunt Aurora Borealis at nights.

4days From(USD) $945 View Tour
northern lights discovery, northern lights Russia tour

Northern Lights Discovery in Russia

Private tour | Set your own dates
Moscow * Murmansk * Kirovsk * Teriberka * Northern Lights

Our journey begins in Moscow, where you’ll have the opportunity to tour some of the capital’s most important sites. The next few days we’ll spend in the small town of Monchegorsk in the southern Kola Peninsula, where we will visit Saami settlements and learn about their semi-nomadic way of life that has survived for thousands of years.

8days From(USD) $2,550 View Tour
Reindeer herders festival

Reindeer Herders' Festival in Yamal 2020

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Salekhard * Nenets camp

Visit the Yamal region of Russia to witness the Reindeer Herder's festival and immerse yourself in the rich culture of local nomads - the Nenets people. On this tour you will enjoy this colourful event in Salekhard, and will spend a couple of days with the Nenets family, learn about their way of life, beliefs and traditions.

6days From(USD) $2,550 View Tour
Reindeer herders migration Nenets of Yamal Peninsula, Russian Festivals

Reindeer Migration with the Nenets in Yamal

Group and Private tour | Set and private departures
Salekhard > Polar Ural Mountais > Nenets camp > Salekhard

Be a part of the ancient nomadic culture of the Siberian Arctic on this immersive experience, participating in massive reindeer migration and staying in the winter camps of Nenets – nomad people of Yamal. Our tour starts in Salekhard and will drive to the Polar Ural Mountains, where we meet our hosts.

12days From(USD) $2,960 View Tour
Kamchatka Winter tour, Russian winter holiday

Kamchatka Winter Adventure

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Avachinsky volcano foothill* dog-sledding * snowmobiling

Enjoy skiing from Kamchatka’s fiery volcanic peaks, relax in thermal hot springs and experience the most popular winter activities - dog sledding and snowmobiling.

7days From(USD) $1,750 View Tour
Kamchatka heli-ski Russia winter tour

Kamchatka Heli Ski

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
4 heli-ski days * 2 days for additional activities

Fly high above the untamed peaks of Kamchatka in a Russian chopper, and carve down the untouched slopes of the peninsula.

8days From(USD) $6,225 View Tour
Winter Trans-Siberian

Trans-Siberian Winter Fairytale

Tsars Gold private train | Group railway journey | Set departures
Moscow * Suzdal * Ekaterinburg * Krasnoyarsk * Lake Baikal * Ulan-bator (Mongolia) * Beijing (China, extension)

Go on a troika sleigh ride or stroll through a snow forest under the winter morning sun. Sleep snugly on the Tsar’s Gold, your heated private train, on this 13-day private journey from Moscow to Ulan Bator via Lake Baikal, with the option to prolong your journey for 3 more days and travel to Beijing.

16days From(USD) $4,100 View Tour
New Years addition series
northern lights russia

Arctic Rail Explorer - Quest for Northern Lights

Golden Eagle private train | Group railway journey | Set departures
St Petersburg * Kirkines * Murmansk * Petrozavodsk * Vladimir * Suzdal * Moscow

Take in the beautiful cities of St Petersburg and Moscow before exploring deep into the Russian and Norwegian Arctic Circle in pursuit of the magnificent Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

12days From(USD) $12,595 View Tour

A custom tour made to order

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Go custom — gives you the choice & flexibility of creating your own bespoke itinerary, using our tours for inspiration.

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