Russia Travel Guides

We have crafted these easy to follow, downloadable Russia travel guides pdf’s with the goal of helping you gain essential information in regards to planning your upcoming travel in Russia. These travel guides include the best tips, essential travel planning advice on various Russia travel destinations and stunning media to get you inspired!

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  • Tips & essential trip planning advice
  • Attractions in Moscow
  • Dining and nightlife
  • When to visit Moscow
  • Getting around
  • How to choose a Moscow tour
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  • Tips & essential trip planning advice
  • Attractions in St. Petersburg
  • Dining and nightlife
  • When to visit St Petersburg
  • Getting around
  • How to choose a tour
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  • Times to visit Kamchatka
  • Attractions in Kamchatka
  • Getting there
  • Ethnic cultures of the Kamchatka region
  • Choosing the right Kamchatka tour
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  • Times to visit Baikal
  • Highlights of Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island
  • Getting there and around
  • Ethnic cultures of Baikal
  • Choosing a Baikal tour for you.
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  • Do I need a Visa?
  • Types of Russian Visa
  • 3 easy steps to Obtain a Russian Visa (invitation, application, registration)
  • Extensions and emergencies
  • Additional resources
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  • A railway, not a train: History of the Trans-Siberian
  • Routes & Schedules
  • Private trains and Regular trains
  • Booking your tickets & attention to time zones
  • Life onboard & extra tips
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  • Mother Russia and its misunderstood soul
  • Why travel to Russia?
  • Destinations to suit you
  • Travel checklist
  • Easy planning steps

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  • Russian culture, religion, customs and traditions
  • Manners and Etiquette
  • Do’s and don’ts when in Russia
  • Tipping
  • Russian Banya

It pays to plan your Russian holiday. You can go it alone or get the help of our Russia travel specialists – who know all about the destination or style of holiday you’re dreaming of. It won’t cost you more. In fact, it will save you time, stress and you’ll get more for your money – hassle-free! Our Russia travel guides are crafted with care by our experts, so we hope you find them useful!

Why Travel To Russia?

Why do we think Russia is a nice place to visit? Russia is a country like no other and offers some of the most unique travel experiences. From spectacular and scenic nature to European cities filled to the brim with art, culture and history; Russia boasts one-of-a-kind journeys filled with energy and mystery begging for you to unpack it! After years of travelling in Russia, we have outlined the best locations for you to visit depending on what you’re after, which you will find by reading on! This next section of our Russia travel guides will give you more general knowledge about Russia, why you should visit Russia and what the highlights are of this amazing country!

What Would You Like To Experience in Russia?

This is our list of the top 9 locations to visit in Russia! Depending on what kind of experience or scenery you wish to experience, Russia has several different locations to offer and plenty of splendour! From bear-spotting and reindeer-herding to ballet-shows and city metropolises, this part of our Russia travel guides shows the best experiences you can have in Russia and the most noteworthy locations from our experience.

Jaw-Dropping Nature & Wildlife

Russian nature is a must-see for any traveller who wants to explore arctic climates. Trekking across volcanic landscapes and spotting bears hunting for fish might sound intimidating, but we can guarantee you it will leave you breathless. Kamchatka is an essential destination if this seems like a journey for you!

If you’d rather gaze through ice sheets or explore ancient and mysterious islands, Lake Baikal is a crystal clear lake with unique scenic landscapes and snow-activities. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and deserves your attention for arctic exploring.

Dream of seeing the Northern Lights? The Aurora has become a world-famous phenomenon and you can hunt for it in Murmansk. This is a challenge well worth the outstanding reward, as the Aurora is sure to fill you with awe and emotion!


Land of bears, volcanoes and caviar!

Kamchatka Tours


The crystal clear pearl of Russia & Siberia.

Lake Baikal Tours


Hunt for the Northern Lights!

Russia Northern lights tours

Art, History & Rich Culture

In the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Moscow has architecture to show and stories to tell. This is the perfect destination for you if you wish to experience unique art museums, one-of-a-kind architecture and authentic vodka-filled nights in an enigmatic political climate.

Want to attend Russian ballet shows in a city covered with a blanket of white snow? St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia and the city centre has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During summer the city comes to life with a midnight sun that never sets and is an equally great time to visit. This city will completely enchant you with its culture and world-class establishments. 

Ever had a wish to travel back in time and see what the world looked like during the medieval ages? In Russia, you can! The Golden Ring is easily accessible from Moscow and takes you through a time machine to ancient cities that have been preserved to display the ancient Russian heritage. This location is a must-see for any history nerd!


The enigmatic capital of Russia.

Moscow tours


Class, grandeur and European culture.

St Petersburg Tours


A time capsule to the Medieval Ages.

Golden Ring Tours

Perhaps a Bit of Both?

The Russian countryside also hosts a combination of culture and heritage while being surrounded by amazing nature. You can discover more ancient culture by idyllic lakes surrounded by vast forests in Karelia. Go reindeer herding in Yamal or discover an intense, ancient way of surviving the arctic climate in Yakutia.


White nights, boundless forests and unique culture.

Karelia Russia


Discover the reindeer herders of Russia.

Yamal Nenets tour


A different way of existence.

Yakutia Tour

Those are the top 9 locations to visit in Russia! As you can see, Russia has something for everyone, and offers experiences and locations like you have never seen before! Are you going to explore them all?

Keep Planning Your Trip To Russia

When To Visit Russia



June – August
Summer in Russia and in Europe, in general, is typically from late May/early June to late August/early October. This is the high season in Russia and when most tourists come to visit. During summer, the cities of Russia come to life with more energy in the streets and with a more comfortable climate to spend your time exploring the city landscape and glorious nature in. However, since this is when most tourists visit Europe, you might find that Moscow and St. Petersburg especially can appear quite crowded with tourists. We still believe that the cities are extremely beautiful when the sun hits the colourful buildings. Also, even though it is summer, some regions of Russia are still not going to be particularly warm! Especially the arctic climates.



November – April
Winter is the off-season in Russia and this is when the country sees some of the world’s harshest temperatures and climates, especially in the arctic areas! To some, this might be a less comfortable time period to visit Russia, but we still believe that the authentic, ice-cold temperatures and the layers of snow add a whole new dimension to Russia! With fewer tourists out and about, you can get a more realistic impression of the true Russian culture, and the Christmas markets in Moscow and St. Petersburg are just spectacular! The snowy, dark and cold winter of Russia emphasises the enigma of Russia and is also very worth your time and attention!

As you can see, both summer and winter can be a great time to visit Russia, so it depends on which style you prefer to travel in! However, some specific locations are simply not suitable for exploring during winter and vice-versa. By exploring any of our tour options, you can check the specific dates when we hold our tours, which will give you an indication about when to visit the specific location you’re interested in. For example, if you want to visit Kamchatka, we only offer tours during summer.

Practical Information For Travelling to Russia

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  • All you need to know before booking.
  • Booking your trip
  • Essentials after booking
  • The Russian currency, customs & traditions, language and other practical information
  • Travel freely in Russia
checklist russia travel guides

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Checklist

  • Visa information
  • Travel Insurance
  • Getting to Russia
  • Cash and Credit Cards
  • Packing
  • Health and Safety

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Welcome to Russia!

That concludes our complete Russia travel guides! We hope we have succeeded in inspiring you to visit the hidden gem of Russia and informed you on how to plan your trip so you feel confident that you know all the essentials of having a hassle-free journey to Russia! If you haven’t done so already, you can explore all of our Russia travel destinations here to browse our various tours and itineraries, and start planning your trip for real! Alternatively, you can request a custom tour here. If you have any specific questions, or if you just want to get in touch with one of our travel specialists, you can contact us here and we will be in touch with you shortly!

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