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Why our Russia Northen lights tours are the ultimate Aurora hunting experience?

If seeing the awesome cosmic spectacle of the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, you’ll know that there are a few locations where you can make this dream travel experience a reality. The prerequisite is that you need to be in an above the Arctic Circle, something that only parts of eight countries in the world can lay claim to. The Scandinavian nations remain the most popular places for embarking on a Northern Lights tour, but did you know your chances of witnessing the phantom lights of Aurora Borealis are equally as good in Russia?

So, why set your sights on a Russia Northern Lights tour? The fact that this region is still relatively unknown offers a wonderful advantage. The lack of crowds means Russia is the perfect place to experience the ultimate feeling of being one with nature. There are several wonderful destinations for Northern Lights viewing in Russia, all with differing landscapes, cultures and additional activities to enjoy.

Experience Aurora Borealis in Russia - highlights:

  • Most Russia northern lights tours start from the port city of Murmansk, the capital of the Kola Peninsula. With a population of 300,000, it’s the largest town located above the Arctic Circle and hosts an unusual mix of Russian, Finnish and indigenous culture. Apart from being a surprisingly lively city, the hilly vantage points outside town offer one of the most unique views of the Aurora Borealis - glowing bright above the manmade city skyline and its eerie harbour.
  • Venture further into the Kola Peninsula where you’ll have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights dancing and shapeshifting over the pristine polar tundra.
  • Visit the rustic settlements of the indigenous Saami people of the Kola peninsula and experience their favored method of winter transport - the traditional husky dog sled!
  • Travel to the Arctic Circle on an incredible Russian train tour. The journey from St Petersburg on your very own “Polar Express”, then cross the border into the Norwegian town of Kirkenes to marvel at the enchanting Snow Hotel and search for the elusive lights.
  • Join an Arctic expedition isolated region of Yamal, home to the nomadic, reindeer-herding Nenets. Spend some time in their winter camps and with luck, you might look up to see the Aurora in all its celestial glory, shimmering above the starkly beautiful Arctic taiga.

To be rewarded by the sight of one of the earth’s most spectacular natural phenomena means covering vast distances - and that sort of travel comes with a cost. This is especially true of the extremely popular Scandinavian destinations. But there are alternatives that don’t cost a fortune. Murmansk is considered the most affordable place to see the Northern Lights. And, the Russian Arctic is far more accessible than you might think. From St Petersburg, Murmansk is a mere two-hour flight and two and a half hours from Moscow.

Not only does the far north of Russia provide some of the most reliable places on earth to witness the winter lights (generally between November and March), it also offers majestic snow-covered tundra, taiga, and the chance to discover the fascinating cultures of the ethnic Saami of the Kola Peninsula and the Nenets of Yamal.

Northern lights Murmansk, Russia aurora borealis

Northern lights in Murmansk - Quest for Aurora Borealis

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Murmansk * Teriberka village * Saami settlement * Northern Lights hunt

Spend 3 full days in Arctic city of Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula, where you will enjoy snow activities such as husky dog sledding and snowmobiling during days and will get a chance to hunt Aurora Borealis at nights.

4days From(EUR) 832 View Tour
Yenisei River Cruise Siberia

Yenisei River Cruise - Siberian Exploration

River cruise | M/S Maksim Gorky | Siberia and Arctic Circle
Krasnoyarsk * Yeniseisk * Turukhansk * Igarka * Dudinka

A one-of-a-kind cruise on the untouched wilderness of Siberia's Yenisey river. Discover untouched lands and sail unshared waters – the first and only river cruise to travel the spectacular Yenisei River to the edge of the world.

11days From(EUR) 9,595 View Tour
Northern lights in Russia tour Moscow Murmansk St Petersburg

Northern Lights in Russia: Arctic Winter Magic

Private tour | Set your own dates
Moscow * St Petersburg * Karelia * Kola Peninsula * Murmansk

Explore main sights of mighty Moscow and cultural capital of Russia - Saint Petersburg. Head to Karelia, where we’ll stop to admire the Ruskeala Mountain Park and historic Kizhi Island. Discover the customs of the indigenous Saami in Kola Peninsula and observe Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky.

12days From(EUR) 3,028 View Tour
Winter Murmansk Trans-Siberian Northen Lights Aurora Russia

Northern Lights in Russia - Railway Adventure to the Arctic Circle

Imperial Russia private train | Group railway journey | Set departures
Moscow > St Petersburg > Petrozavodsk > Murmansk > Vologda > Moscow

We invite you to feel the atmosphere of the magic of winter St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Vologda and witness the Northern Lights beyond the Arctic Circle on the shores of the Barents Sea with a glass of sparkling champagne, joy and laughter. Truly, an unusual and colourful journey, like the elusive Aurora Borealis themselves!

10days From(EUR) 5,109 View Tour
New Years addition series
Trans Siberian Winter Northern Lights

Arctic Rail Explorer - Quest for Northern Lights

Golden Eagle private train | Group railway journey | Set departures
St Petersburg * Kirkines * Murmansk * Petrozavodsk * Vladimir * Suzdal * Moscow

Take in the beautiful cities of St Petersburg and Moscow before exploring deep into the Russian and Norwegian Arctic Circle in pursuit of the magnificent Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

12days From(EUR) 11,765 View Tour
Cultural immersion
Reindeer herders festival

Reindeer Herders Festival in Yamal 2023

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Salekhard * Nenets camp

Visit the Yamal region of Russia to witness the Reindeer Herder's festival and immerse yourself in the rich culture of local nomads - the Nenets people. On this tour you will enjoy this colourful event in Salekhard, and will spend a couple of days with the Nenets family, learn about their way of life, beliefs and traditions.

6days From(EUR) 2,192 View Tour
Reindeer herders migration Nenets of Yamal Peninsula, Russian Festivals

Reindeer Migration with the Nenets in Yamal

Group and Private tour | Set and private departures
Salekhard > Polar Ural Mountais > Nenets camp > Salekhard

Be a part of the ancient nomadic culture of the Siberian Arctic on this immersive experience, participating in massive reindeer migration and staying in the winter camps of Nenets – nomad people of Yamal. Our tour starts in Salekhard and will drive to the Polar Ural Mountains, where we meet our hosts.

12days From(EUR) 2,525 View Tour

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