Russian Trip Styles

The best way to travel within Russia? That’s entirely up to you! We’ve divided our Russian tours into five Russian Trip Styles, each offering a unique travel experience.

Looking for a guided city tour for a few days, or planning a multi-week adventure? Whether by land or sea, in winter or summer, there’s a small group or private tour itinerary that caters to your idea of a dream Russian vacation.

Popular Russia tours

Use the slider below to browse popular Russia tours and travel packages. Our tour itineraries are available as group, private and bespoke journeys. These itineraries were designed by experts for maximum enjoyment of each destination, in a logical, safe and economical way.

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Group Tours & Private Tours

We want your Russian holiday to be memorable for all the right reasons, which is why all our group tours are limited to small groups, averaging between 6 and 16 people. This way our tour leaders and guides are guaranteed the time and resources to cater to individual needs and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Keeping our group numbers small is also essential to maintaining sustainable travel in some of the more remote and sensitive places we visit.

  • Group Tours: refers to Small Group Tours with guaranteed departures on specific dates and a fixed itinerary.
  • Private Tours: Our masterfully crafted itinerary, your dates, your mates and the undivided attention of your expert guide.
  • Some of our existing itineraries are available only as a Private Tour and can be further customised to suit your needs.

*Please refer to the tour page of interest for indication about the tour type and group size (Private or Small Group).

Russian Cruises and Voyages

Russia is undoubtedly one of the greatest cruise holiday destinations in the world.

The country’s interiors are crisscrossed by rivers, and the queen of them all is the mighty Volga, the longest river in Europe. A Volga River cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg is a romantic journey through fascinating historical ports, gleaming modern cities and a scenic countryside.    

Yet there’s more to cruising in Russia than leisurely jaunts along its picturesque rivers. The seas off Russia’s Far East – the Kamchatkan Pacific and the Arctic territories, offer spectacularly rugged scenery and oceans teeming with marine life. Cross frozen seas on an authentic nuclear-powered ice breaker to rarely visited islands where polar bears roam the tundra, and voyage to the very top of the world – the North Pole.

Trans-Siberian Railway Tours

Whether you’re a train travel enthusiast or just want to see as much of Russia’s interior as possible, our Trans-Siberian tours are the ultimate way to travel Russia overland. Travel the entire route from Moscow to Vladivostok (9,258km) to complete the world’s longest single train journey or take the Trans-Mongolian route which connects Moscow to Beijing, China.

Arranging a Trans-Siberian tour means all logistics are taken care of, and you’ll be treated to guided excursions at fascinating stops on-route. A near-mythical passage between the east and west divide- the Trans-Siberian stops along the mighty Ural Mountains- edges lakes and rivers, passing through timeless villages, verdant forests, deserts and steppes. Spanning two continents, seven time zones and dozens of cultures, the Trans-Siberian has earnt its reputation as the greatest rail journey on earth.  

Russia Winter Tours

A winter tour in Russia is a magical experience. While the cold keeps the crowds of tourists away, cities like Moscow and St Petersburg are at their most beautiful, with famous landmarks blanketed in snow, twinkling links adorning the parks and buildings and the festive atmosphere of Christmas and Russian New Year in the air.

For winter sports junkies, Russia in winter has it all. Go ice skating, ice fishing and even ice golfing on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal. Try out husky dog sledding in Kamchatka and Yamal and snowmobiling in ethereal alpine forests. For the ultimate skiing or snowboarding adventure, go heli-skiing on the slopes of active volcanoes in Kamchatka. Be bold and embrace the cold!

Custom Russian Tour Requests

As Russia travel specialists, we have the ability to create bespoke Russia itineraries. You have the complete freedom to set your travel dates and destinations, while we take care of all the logistics to make sure your grand travel plans become reality.

We can help you design a custom Russia tour based around specific interests like photography, indigenous culture, wildlife watching, skiing and snowboarding, hiking and much more. Our expert Russia travel planners are at your disposal, whether you’re embarking on an epic solo expedition, a romantic escapade or a once-in-a-lifetime experience with family and friends.

If you have any urgent questions or enquiries, please give us a call +61 2 9388 9816

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