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KamchatkaWelcome to a wilderness where adventures begin and roadmaps end.

If the thought of scaling an active volcano, coming within metres of wild brown bears and swooping over pristine valleys and mountain ranges is your idea of adventure, then ditch the tourist roadmap and lose yourself in the isolated splendour of Kamchatka. Here prehistoric volcanoes rumble and steam, and wildlife thrive in dense forests and lush valleys. When you visit Kamchatka, you set foot in one of the few places on Earth not connected to the outside world by a single road. Welcome to a wilderness where adventures begin and roadmaps end.

Why travel to Kamchatka:

  • From solid lava fields, gaping craters and mountainous tundra to lush forests, pristine valleys and shimmering lakes, revel in Kamchatka’s breathtaking views and alien landscapes that are sure to excite the intrepid traveller within
  • Get up close and personal with the magnificent Kamchatka brown bears on the shores of Kurilskoye (Kuril) Lake, and watch as the bears gorge themselves during the annual salmon run
  • Hike up active volcanoes, like the iconic Gorely and Avachinsky volcanoes, for thrilling shots of steaming vents and astonishing panoramas of snow-capped mountain peaks
  • Be exposed to the rich and unique varieties of Russian Far East flora and fauna on the Starichkov Island Nature Reserve and spot fascinating marine wildlife while exploring Avacha Bay and Russkaya Bay
  • Discover Kamchatka in winter and try your hand at one of the many snow-filled winter activities, such as dog-sledding, snowmobiling and heli-skiing
  • Uncover one of Kamchatka's most prized jewels, the ice caves of the Mutnovsky Volcano, where the natural reflection of light transforms the caves into magical hues of blue and red

Located at the northernmost edge of the “Pacific Ring of Fire,” Kamchatka is home to over 30 active volcanoes, including Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the largest in the Northern Hemisphere, and what many consider one of the world’s most picturesque, Mount Kronotsky.

It’s no wonder these majestic giants contribute to the region’s six UNESCO World Heritage sites. Equally as stunning are the 90 geysers and numerous hot springs that make up the 6km the Valley of Geysers; the second largest concentration of geysers on earth, only accessible by chopper, this natural gem remains a virtually untouched region of raw geothermal power. The Kamchatka Peninsula is the ultimate destination for travellers seeking a once in a lifetime adventure in a land few outsiders have laid eyes on.

Tours in Kamchatka

Valley of the geysers Kamchatka, Kamchatka discovery -Kamchatka Tour

Kamchatka Discovery

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Avachinsky volcano * Vachkazhets mount * Dachnye hot springs * Bystraya river * Avacha Bay

Enjoy a variety of day excursions around Kamchatka, such as volcanoes trekking, marine trip, rafting and cultural experience, while staying in a comfortable hotel in the Paratunka area. The tour is suitable for any age and fitness level.

8days From(USD) $2,080 View Tour
Kamchatka tour bears and volcanoes

Kamchatka - Kingdom of the Brown Bears

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Kurilskoye Lake * Mutnovsky volcano * Gorely volcano * Avacha Bay

Stay for three days on the shores of the iconic Kurilskoye Lake and take part in bear viewing, as the bears gorge themselves during the annual salmon run. After Kurilskoye Lake, spot marine life on pristine Avacha Bay, and get a glimpse into the thrilling world of volcanologists on the plateau of Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes.

10days From(USD) $4,650 View Tour
Kamchatka Volcano Trekking

Trekking volcanoes in Kamchatka

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Klyuchevskoy Nature Park * Tolbachik volcano * Esso * Mutnovsky, Gorely and Avachinsky volcanoes

Traverse Kamchatka from North to South by off-road truck. Enjoy easy and moderate hikes of Kamchatka’s active volcanoes for thrilling views of steaming vents and breathtaking panoramas of snow-capped mountain peaks. Visit native Koryak people and opt-in for a day helicopter tour to Kuril Lake for brown bears watching.

17days From(USD) $2,980 View Tour
Kamchatka summer tour

Kamchatka's Critters and Craters

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Kurilskoye Lake * Klychevksoy Nature Park * Tolbachik volcano * Esso * Avacha Bay

Take part in some of the best bear viewing on the peninsula, stay in the camp on a slope of active volcano Tolbachik and explore its lava fields. Immerse yourself in the semi-nomadic culture, visit the reindeer herders camp and the village of Esso. Spot marine life on pristine Avachinskaya Bay and opt to take an awe-inspiring helicopter flight to visit the famous Valley of Geysers.

15days From(USD) $5,680 View Tour
Kamchatka adventure

Kamchatka - The Lost World

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Kuril Lake * Tolbachik, Mutnovsky, Gorely volcanoes * Esso village * Reindeer herders

This 18-day expedition to Kamchatka takes place in late August, one of the best times to enjoy the spectacular scenery with the first signs of the autumn colours. We visit as many places as possible, including the central valley with the Kamchatka River, Tolbachik, Ksudach, Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes, Kurilskoye Lake and the hot Khodutka River in the southern tundra.

18days From(USD) $5,890 View Tour
Kamchatka Bears, Kamchatka photography tour

Kamchatka Photography Expedition

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Kurilskoye Lake * Russkaya Bay * Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes

If you’ve ever dreamed of capturing the explosive drama and raw beauty of Kamchatka’s volcanic landscapes on camera, this is the tour for you. We will stay for 3 days on Kuril Lake for brown bears photography. Afterwards, we hike up the mighty Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes with its ice caves.

14days From(USD) $5,245 View Tour
Kamchatka kayaking tour, Kamchatka sea kayaking

Sea Kayaking in Kamchatka

Private tour | Set your own departure date
Avacha Bay * Starichkov Island * Vilyuchinskaya and Zhirovaya Bays * Kekurny Cape * Russkaya Bay

Explore the bays, islets and caves of Kamchatka by kayak and get closer to its wild inhabitants than you ever imagined.

8days From(USD) $3,000 View Tour
Kamchatka Winter tour, Russian winter holiday

Kamchatka Winter Adventure

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Avachinsky volcano free-ride * dog-sledding * snowmobiling * skiing

Enjoy skiing from Kamchatka’s fiery volcanic peaks, relax in thermal hot springs and experience the most popular winter activities - dog sledding and snowmobiling.

7days From(USD) $1,850 View Tour

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