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An adventure of a lifetime awaits.

Whether you sail to the far-flung islands of the wild Pacific coast of Kamchatka, spot polar bears on a Russian Arctic cruise to Franz Josef Land, or literally circumnavigate the earth on a cruise to the earth’s magnetic north, you are truly voyaging to the edges of human exploration. Only a few unique, purpose-built Arctic cruise vessels can make such journeys, as these regions are incredibly rugged, remote and rarely visited.

Our Far East and Arctic cruises along the shores of Russia promise unrivalled luxury and rare discoveries in the seas separating the coasts of Norway, Russia and Alaska.

As desolate as these destinations appear, their isolation has preserved pristine environments offering unrivalled opportunities for wildlife spotting.

Russian Arctic and Expedition Cruises Highlights:

  • Travel in the kind comfort the early explorers could only imagine. For our Arctic islands and Kamchatka cruise tours, you’ll cross the seas onboard ice-strengthened expedition vessels.
  • For our North Pole cruise, your trusted vessel will be a massive nuclear icebreaker. These ships were purpose-built for polar expeditions and refurbished for the comfort of cruise passengers
  • Cruise to Wrangel Island where you’ll scour the coast for wildlife both on Zodiac tenders and on foot. Seize on the rare chance to observe polar bears, walruses, musk oxen, reindeer and Arctic fox
  • Explore the eastern coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula on an epic cruise to Pacific Ring of Fire, home to Kamchatka brown bears and fire breathing volcanoes.
  • Set sail from Svalbard, Norway across the Barents Sea to Franz Josef Land. On the way, your expert expedition leaders will be on the lookout for orcas and rare bowhead whales. The Svalbard Coast is also one of the best places in the world to see polar bears in the wild.
  • Plough through the frozen Arctic Ocean on a nuclear icebreaker and become of the few humans ever to land (via helicopter) at the earth’s geographical North Pole

If a thrilling expedition voyage is on your bucket list, a Russian Arctic cruise is the ultimate option for fulfilling this adventure travellers dream.
As isolated and inhospitable as the Kamchatka coast and the Arctic Ocean islands appear, there are a few humans who have made these places home. As well as unparalleled opportunities for viewing wildlife, you’ll get to meet the remarkable researchers and full-time settlers who survive here under extraordinary conditions. Wildlife commonly observed include marine species (whales, seals, sea lions, walrus and otters), immense seabird colonies, and iconic Arctic animals such as the polar bear, Arctic fox and mux ox.

Yenisei River Cruise Siberia

Yenisei River Cruise - Siberian Exploration

River cruise | M/S Maksim Gorky | Siberia and Arctic Circle
Krasnoyarsk * Yeniseisk * Turukhansk * Igarka * Dudinka

A one-of-a-kind cruise on the untouched wilderness of Siberia's Yenisey river. Discover untouched lands and sail unshared waters – the first and only river cruise to travel the spectacular Yenisei River to the edge of the world.

11days From(AUD) $14,788 View Tour
Franz Josef Land cruise Arctic Cruise Russia

Franz Josef Land and Svalbard Cruise

Expedition cruise | M/V Sea Spirit | Russian High Arctic
Longyearbyen > Franz Josef Land > Svaldbard > Spitsbergen > Longyearbyen

Explore the many waterways and islands of this unique Arctic landscape in the Russian Arctic. Cross back through the bountiful waters of the Barents Sea and then along the coastal islands of the Svalbard Archipelago. From panoramic open decks, enjoy Arctic landscapes and wildlife sightings.

14days From(AUD) $14,058 View Tour
Wrangel Island Cruise Russian Arctic

Wrangel Island - Expedition Cruise in Russian Arctic

Expedition cruise | Heritage Adventurer | Russian Arctic and Far East
Nome (Alaska) > Bering Sea > Wrangel Island > Herald Island > Chukotka > Nome (Alaska)

Truly wild and remote, Wrangel Island is the frontier of adventure cruising. This rarely-visited Arctic refuge is famed for its world's biggest population of polar bears. There’s only one way to visit the biosphere reserve of Wrangel Island, and that’s by cruising aboard an ice-breaker, which will take us on a 15-day adventure to the Russian Arctic from the port town of Anadyr in northeastern Russia's Chukotka.

15days From(AUD) $15,051 View Tour
Russian Far East cruises Kamchatka

Kamchatka's Forgotten Coast - Expedition Cruise

Expedition cruise | Heritage Adventurer | Russian Far East
Petropavlovsk > Commander Islands > Chukotka Coast > Nome (Alaska)

Kamchatka's forgotten coastline is largely unspoiled by human influence. Get up close and personal as you explore this remote, pristine landscape which is home to a variety of bird and marine life including the endangered Spoon-billed Snapiper, brown bears, sea otters, walruses, marmots and whales.

14days From(AUD) $12,422 View Tour
Russia Far East Cruise

Ring of Fire - Kamchatka, Commander & Kuril Islands Expedition Cruise

Expedition cruise | Russian Far East | Heritage Adventurer
Otaru (Japan) > Sakhalin > Kuril Islands > Commander Islands > Kamchatka

Journey to the most dramatic reaches of the Pacific Ring of Fire in the Russian Far East. Discover astounding landscapes, active volcanoes, forgotten Soviet hideouts, nesting seabirds in their millions and pristine oceans home to some of the world's rarest marine mammals.

14days From(AUD) $12,422 View Tour
north pole cruise, Russia tour

Top of the World - North Pole Cruise

Expedition cruise | 50 Years of Victory Icebreaker
Murmansk > North Pole > Franz Josef Land > Murmansk

Embark the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy for a roundtrip voyage through the frozen Arctic Ocean to the geographic North Pole. Enjoy the opportunity to explore the rarely visited Russian Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land with its breathtaking landscapes and wildife. This is an extraordinary voyage on a one-of-a-kind ship, worthy of a true adventurer.

13days From(AUD) $42,056 View Tour

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