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Travel in time with indigenous Russia

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Kamchatka Photo Trip - How I Captured A Lost World

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Behind the Lens - Kamchatka Photo Tour

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We have just broken away from our moorings alongside port here at St. Petersburg after an extraordinarily successful 2-day visit which more than exceeded expectations. I have to admit that I am glad that you talked me into doing things I had not done before, and initially objected to, particularly the Metro which we all felt was a special experience. View all reviews > Charles Hardeman, USA
Anna and the 56 Parallel team put together an amazing itinerary encompassing three distinct and very different venues within the Russian Federation; Moscow, Kamchatka, and Saint Petersburg. While the trip required many scheduling variations, every date and time was executed flawlessly by the several drivers and guides assigned to caring for Mark and I during our 10-day journey. Nicolai gave us a condensed (we only had several hours) but comprehensive tour and history of Moscow. View all reviews > John Mills and Mark Wozny, USA
I was very happy with the tour organisation it was well planned and everything was smooth. All our needs were covered. The guides in both Moscow and lake Baikal was very good. By the way, the group was also very nice. We were happy to be in a mixed Russian-Western group with mostly young people.View all reviews > Hendrik and Claudia Leber, Switzerland
I was very happy with the trip. The guide, Yulia, was wonderful. She was friendly, positive, knowledgeable and interesting. Alexei the driver was very good at what he does. The lake, of course, is absolutely beautiful, a wonderful place. Thank you for all of your assistance with that part of the trip too. View all reviews > Chris Wright, Australia

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