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Why choose a cruise as a way to explore Russia?

In a land of over 100,000 rivers, spanning three separate oceans, Russia cruises provide their own unique perspective to exploring the country. With so many waterways and historic routes to discover, cruising in Russia suits both the luxury traveller and the intrepid adventurer alike. Imagine the romantic affair of a Russian river cruise, taking in the scenic rural townships along the mighty Volga River. Or hit the high seas, on an expedition-style journey in the Arctic or the Russian Far East, exploring far-flung island outposts and oceans teeming with wildlife. Whether relaxed comfort or adventure happens to float your boat, there's a Russian cruise to suit your style.

  • Travel along the longest river in Europe, the mighty Volga River, as you pass the through picturesque countrysides and timeless townships. Stroll through UNESCO listed medieval villages of the Golden Ring, with their ancient wooden houses, windmills and breathtaking churches.
  • Experience spectacular landscape views, pristine tundra, magnificent volcanoes, boiling lakes and azure-blue lagoons while exploring the Kamchatka and Chukotka coasts; Kuril and Commander Islands.
  • Get up close and personal with the native wildlife, including polar bears, arctic foxes, bowhead whales, whiskered auklets, Steller sea lions and many more on a cruise to the Wrangel Island.
  • Conquer the North Pole aboard the most powerful nuclear icebreaker ever built and be the envy of every traveller!

Only after experiencing one of the Russia cruises will you truly gain an understanding of the unique and often overlooked Russian soul and spirit.

Embark on a journey from mighty Moscow, past breathtaking Russian countrysides and timeless townships of the Golden Ring, to the glittering metropolis of St Petersburg, otherwise known as the ‘Venice of the North’ due to its elegant buildings, canals and bridges. Learn about the local legends, culture, folklore, and history of ancient Russian cities that to this day, still conjure up Russia’s mysterious past.

Beyond the major cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg lie an abundance of diverse wildlife and spectacular natural landscapes. Marvel at towering volcanoes, pristine tundras and a multitude of rare bird species as our expedition takes you across the Pacific Ocean to the Kuril Islands. Feel the isolation begin to sink in as you make your way across the icy, wildlife-rich Barents Sea to the Russian High Arctic, where polar bears, seals, walruses and the elusive bowhead whale can be spotted. For those with a knack for adventure, Wrangel Island will certainly deliver.

Just off the northeast coast of Siberia, get up close and personal with the wild denizens of the Arctic, virtually undisturbed by human interference, and in numbers that will simply astound you. Finally, tick off the ultimate bucket list experience of literally standing at the top of the world as you embark on a nuclear-powered icebreaker for a roundtrip voyage to the geographic North Pole, smashing through the frozen Arctic Ocean along the way.

Discover Baikal's Secret Gems
Lake Baikal Cruise

Lake Baikal Cruise - 6 Days Exploring Islands of the Sacred Sea

Leisure cruise | M/S Imperia
Listvyanka > Ogoi island > Ushkany Islands > Zmeinaya Bay > Olkhon Island (overland) > Peschanaya Bay > Listvyanka

Journey to the centre of the world’s deepest lake on this breathtaking 6-day cruise of Lake Baikal. Go beyond the reach of the day-trippers to the wildest corners of its majestic islands, hidden wildlife havens and sacred cultural sites.

6days From(USD) $1,730 View Tour
Lower volga river cruise

Grand Volga River Cruise

River cruise | M/S Volga Dream | From Moscow to Volgograd
Moscow * Uglich * Yaroslavl * Nizhny Novgorod * Kazan * Samara * Saratov * Volgograd

Traverse the longest river in Europe and discover the myriad landscapes and diverse cultures that make Central Russia a truly intriguing cruise destination. On a journey aboard the deluxe Volga Dream.

11days From(USD) $3,745 View Tour
Volga dream Russia river cruise

Volga River Cruise and Two Capitals

River cruise | M/S Volga Dream | From Moscow to St Petersburg (and reverse)
Moscow * Uglich * Yaroslavl * Goritsy * Kizhi * Svirstroy * St Petersburg

This glorious journey combines the best sites of Moscow and St. Petersburg, with a deluxe cruise on the iconic Volga River. An ideal journey for individual travellers and small groups who want to explore both the Russian countryside and the treasures of Russia's grandest cities.

13days From(USD) $4,695 View Tour
Lake Baikal Cruise

Lake Baikal Mini-Cruise

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
Listvyanka > Circum-Baikal Railway > Peschanya Bay > Maloye Morye (Olkhon)

Take to the brilliant blue waters of Lake Baikal, the Pearl of Russia, and be immersed in the wildly beautiful landscapes that surround this extraordinary ‘inland sea’.

4days From(USD) $880 View Tour
River cruise
Russia river cruise Volga Dream

Volga River Cruise - Russian Odyssey

Group tour | Guaranteed departures
St Petersburg > Svirstroy > Kizhi > Goritsy > Yaroslavl > Uglich > Mosow > Nizhny Novgorod > Kazan > Samara > Saratov > Volgograd

Embark on a luxurious Odyssey from St.Petersburg to Volgograd aboard the deluxe MS Volga Dream. Discover the rich cultural side of Russia as you stroll through historic towns like Yaroslavl and Uglich, explore modern Moscow, and experience local traditions and cultures in Tatarstan.

18days From(USD) $6,045 View Tour
Russian Far East cruises Kamchatka

Kamchatka's Forgotten Coast - Expedition Cruise

Expedition cruise | M/V Spirit of Enderby | Russian Far East
Petropavlovsk > Commander Islands > Chukotka Coast > Anadyr

Kamchatka's forgotten coastline is largely unspoiled by human influence. Get up close and personal as you explore this remote, pristine landscape which is home to a variety of bird and marine life including the endangered Spoon-billed Snapiper, brown bears, sea otters, walruses, marmots and whales.

14days From(USD) $7,380 View Tour
Wrangel Island Cruise Russian Arctic

Wrangel Island - Expedition Cruise in Russian Arctic

Expedition cruise | Akademik Shokalsky / Spirit of Enderby | Russian Arctic and Far East
Anadyr (Russia) > Bering Sea > Wrangel Island > Herald Island > Chukotka > Anadyr

Truly wild and remote, Wrangel Island is the frontier of adventure cruising. This rarely-visited Arctic refuge is famed for its world's biggest population of polar bears. There’s only one way to visit the biosphere reserve of Wrangel Island, and that’s by cruising aboard an ice-breaker, which will take us on a 15-day adventure to the Russian Arctic from the port town of Anadyr in northeastern Russia's Chukotka.

15days From(USD) $9,000 View Tour
Birding & whale watching cruise!
Russia Far East Cruise

Russian Far East Cruise - Kamchatka, Commander & Kuril Islands

Expedition cruise | Russian Far East | EV Spirit of Enderby
Kamchatka > Commander Islands > Kuril Islands > Sakhalin

Journey to the most dramatic reaches of the Pacific Ring of Fire in the Russian Far East. Discover astounding landscapes, active volcanoes, forgotten Soviet hideouts, nesting seabirds in their millions and pristine oceans home to some of the world's rarest marine mammals.

13days From(USD) $7,650 View Tour
Franz Josef Land cruise Arctic Cruise Russia

Franz Josef Land and Svalbard Cruise

Expedition cruise | M/V Sea Spirit | Russian High Arctic
Longyearbyen > Franz Josef Land > Svaldbard > Spitsbergen > Longyearbyen

Explore the many waterways and islands of this unique Arctic landscape in the Russian Arctic. Cross back through the bountiful waters of the Barents Sea and then along the coastal islands of the Svalbard Archipelago. From panoramic open decks, enjoy Arctic landscapes and wildlife sightings.

14days From(USD) $9,995 View Tour
north pole cruise, Russia tour

Top of the World - North Pole Cruise

Expedition cruise | 50 Years of Victory Icebreaker
Murmansk > North Pole > Franz Josef Land > Murmansk

Embark the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy for a roundtrip voyage through the frozen Arctic Ocean to the geographic North Pole. Enjoy the opportunity to explore the rarely visited Russian Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land with its breathtaking landscapes and wildife. This is an extraordinary voyage on a one-of-a-kind ship, worthy of a true adventurer.

13days From(USD) $30,995 View Tour
Kuril Islands cruise, Russia tour

Kuril Islands & Russian Far East Voyage in Luxury

Luxury expedition cruise in Russian Far East
Otaru (Japan) > Kuril Islands > Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky > Otaru (Japan)

Take advantage of the mid-summer sun and travel on nature’s terms. This is one of the world’s great journeys, an expedition that beckons nature lovers, history buffs and the intrepid explorer within. Marvel at spectacular natural landscapes, pristine tundra and massive volcanoes, spot a multitude of rare bird species without forgetting to enjoy some of the delicious fresh local caviar and vodka.

18days From(USD) $16,000 View Tour

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