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Ada MckayAustralia

I had a dream from my primary school days fulfilled!

I found Kamchatka on the map when I was in a primary school in the 1950’s. I also wanted to visit the Arctic. My well-travelled friend suggested that Wrangel Island and the Chukotka Coast of Siberia along the Bering Strait was the area to visit. Organising travel to the two places was somewhat challenging but all went smoothly with a cruise to Wrangel Island and Chukotka from Anadyr and Kamchatka tour. We had a bonus with extra time in Anadyr and Petropavlovsk for more site-seeing.

Thank you, Anna and Michael, for a wonderful trip!

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Sarah CraigUK

Everything about the trip was done to the highest standards possible and I was very impressed!

Alyona our tour leader was absolutely AMAZING, I cannot commend her to you enough. She was kind and understanding on an individual by individual basis, she also delivered information and answered all questions about what we were doing and went above and beyond in terms of adding in stops and activities as we requested them.

The tour was smoothly planned and we were very lucky with the weather too and went straight from Kuril Lake to base camp by Helicopter giving us lots of extra time on a day that could’ve been all travelling. I enjoyed my time in Kamchatka very much! I would say I struggled a little being in such an organised trip, I’m used to doing my own thing, but in this location, I definitely got to see and enjoy more because it was a group and not just me on my own. Just because of the diversity of spectacular photographs I got on that day, the helicopter tour to Valley of the Geysers was the highlight of the trip, however, Kuril Lake is a close second!

I thought the hotels were very good. Our chef was FANTASTIC and the meals in restaurants got better and better finishing in a really luxury place on our final night!
I found Russian people to be extremely friendly, surprisingly so seeing as they don’t all smile much! I felt very safe on my trip, and again I was surprised at how safe it is to be in Russia. In Moscow, teenagers had their phones in their back pockets unconcerned… in London, they would be stolen!

In addition, I was extremely happy with 56th Parallel services, I felt like a person the whole time I was dealt with and all the information was clear and correct. Everything about the trip was done to the highest standards possible and I was very impressed!

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Brian and Selina MorrisonAustralia

I still think this was one of the best trips I've been on!

I must say overall it was an amazing experience to visit Kamchatka! It will be something I will remember quite vividly. The staff from on the ground were so helpful and genuine! The trip was very well organised. From what we saw of Eastern Russia was what I was hoping to see, its people to its landscape, it was a privilage to witness it all. The hotels and all the accommodation was what I expected, it made the experience real. The food was better than I was expecting! Plenty of it, never went hungry.

I found the Russian people quite proud and of strong character. I do love their culture especialy the Indigenous tribes. Safety was never an issue. The whole trip was a highlight but to single out one was the Bears and deer herders together.

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Einat DruckerIsrael

It is quite an experience.

All in all, we are happy that we chose to go for this tour. It is quite an experience! We also want to give praise to the local staff, feeling they were very competent, experienced and wise during the trip. Regarding everyday organization they did a very good job. We also feel very good and thankful for your part in organizing and preparing us for the trip! Thank you!

We do, though, have some reservations about the way the program was organized. For example, the program for Kuril lake is for three nights. Actually, there is only one day in which there is a fabulous walk along the river to see the bears. The rest of the time is more or less sitting in the cabin, or at the same specific watchpoint. Which becomes tiring after a while. So we felt it might be wiser to either plan options for making better use of the time, which otherwise stretches too much, or organize transfers more economically (for example returning from Kuril in the afternoon of the third day instead of taking a whole (fourth) day just to do that). We think there could be an improvement in those issues for future travellers.

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Ben PastorAustralia

The trip was perfect and I would highly recommend it to others!

Your team was great!  It was smoothly planned and we really enjoyed our time in Kamchatka! The guide Alyona was outstanding! The highlights of the trip: bears on Kuril Lake and reindeer herders! We felt safe for the whole duration of the tour and I would highly recommend this tour and 56th Parallel to others!
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Anne OppligerSwitzerland

An unforgettable trip, out of the ordinary, I can only strongly recommend to all people who love open spaces and wild nature!

This tour was the best I ever did! I spent 10 days in Kamchatka and it was really amazing! The Kuril lake is full of bears: on the shores, along the rivers and even in the surrounding small islands. This is a unique opportunity to observe them very closely (sometimes less than 15 meters) and to take amazing pictures! All this in total safety since always accompanied by local experienced and armed guides.

The bears are really not interested in your presence, too busy fishing...The lodge at Lake Kurilskoye is very comfortable. The large tents at the foot of the volcanoes were also very comfortable (camp beds, electricity).

Everything was perfectly organized,  our guide-interpreter was very friendly, experienced and efficient. We shared unforgettable moments in the group.  To conclude it was an unforgettable trip, out of the ordinary, that I can only strongly recommend to all people who love open spaces and wild nature.

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Lucy ZhangAustralia

We were very pleased with every aspect of the tour!

A guide, young lady in Murmansk was very good, professional and friendly! Karelia was excellent, the crew a guide and a driver were very good very helpful and carrying. All hotels on tour were fine and we enjoyed our time wandering around the streets in the evening, where we could find good cafes.
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