Travellers who make the journey to Yakutia come to experience a different way of existence, a place where life is inexorably tied to both the rich bounty and the extreme harshness of the far northern climes.

Known by the indigenous locals as Sakha, its land covers an area of more than 3 million square kilometres, making it roughly the size of India despite having a population smaller than that of the US state of Rhode Island. Visit Yakutia and be entranced by a land whose beauty shines, even in the darkest polar nights.

Why travel to Yakutia:

  • Regarded as one Siberia’s most ethnically diverse and culturally rich regions, meet the indigenous people of Yakutia, the Turk-speaking Yakuts who still live a mostly shamanistic and nomadic way of life
  • Immerse yourself in a completely different reality when you celebrate the Pole of Cold Festival in Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited place on the planet
  • Discover Yakutia’s renown spectacular wildlife and prehistoric inhabitants which can be found in Yakutsk’s Ice Age Museum - a museum that houses a menagerie of mammoths, bison and other ancient beasts discovered perfectly preserved in the permafrost
  • Take a trip to the Treasury of Yakutia Exhibition Center where superb collections of gold nuggets, platinum, silver and the cleanest natural diamonds on Earth are stored
  • Enjoy the many unique activities and experiences on offer in our Yakutia tours, including riding a reindeer-sleigh through the snowy Taiga forests, hiking in the incredible Lena Pillars Nature Reserve, and riding like a Siberian on the stocky and powerful Yakut horses
  • Wander through the extraordinary underground gallery - the Kingdom of Permafrost, where their famous ice bar and eerily lit ice sculptures can be found

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