Golden Eagle, Luxury Trans-Siberian Express

Traverse the entire length of the Trans-Siberian railway on a privately chartered luxury train from Moscow to Vladivostock
Travel across Russia in total luxury onboard the iconic Golden Eagle, from Moscow to Vladivostok with a detour to Mongolia.

The world’s greatest railway journey, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs like a steel ribbon across Russia, connecting Moscow to the East over the Urals, the forested mountain range separating Europe from Asia. Skirting alongside the shore of the world’s largest freshwater lake, the rail line then crosses the Mongolian border into a land of baking deserts, majestic steppe country and vast grasslands where columns of smoke still rise from the nomad camps of the last of the Mongol horsemen.

To travel along this route is by far the best way to experience the vastness and grandeur of Russia’s rarely visited interior. This private 15 day Trans-Siberian Railway tour spans the entire 9,288km length of the world’s longest rail line, with a total of 12 days aboard the luxurious Golden Eagle, beginning in Moscow and ending in the Russian port city of Vladivostok, close to the Chinese and North Korean borders.


  • Moscow City Tour: Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the world’s biggest metropolises on a guided exploration of Moscow, taking in the Red Square, the Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Tomb and the world-famous Moscow Metro tour
  • Kazan is the epicentre of ethnic Tartar culture. Discover the city’s mediaeval Islamic influence, tour the grounds of the picture-perfect Kazan Kremlin and enjoy a private concert of the music of Feodor Chaliapin, Kazan’s most famous opera singer
  • Marvel at the shimmering beauty of Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest lake, with a visit to Listvyanka village. Visit the Lake Baikal Museum and Aquarium and meet the beloved freshwater Baikal seal and enjoy a delicious meal of barbecued Baikal fish on the lake shore
  • The Siberian city of Ulan-Ude lies at the crossroads of East and West, harbouring a unique Buryat Buddhist culture. It’s also a stronghold of the last of the Russian Old Believers, who we’ll meet on a village visit to discover the unique history and traditions of these proud, friendly and deeply religious people
  • Ulaanbaatar rises out of Mongolia’s pristine countryside, a sprawling, pulsating metropolis. Visit the Gandan Monastery, the Chinggis Square monument to Genghis Khan and more
  • Having crossed 8 different time zones along this iconic route, we reach the end of the line at Vladivostok. On a tour of this far eastern Russian port city, you’ll climb inside a WWII submarine and walk the iconic suspension bridge over Golden Horn Bay

Opened in stages between 1891 and 1916, the Trans-Siberian Railway is upheld as one of the most extraordinary engineering achievements in history. Today it remains a vital link between the countless communities that live in close proximity to the line.

The official length of the Trans-Siberian line between Moscow and Vladivostok is 9,288 kilometres, making it the longest single-service railway in the world. As part of our itinerary, we will also travel along the branch line at Lake Baikal and away from the main Trans-Siberian line, where we head into Mongolia and its fascinating, frenetic capital Ulaan Baatar. This classic Trans-Siberian Express tour onboard the Golden Eagle between Moscow and Vladivostok takes a leisurely two weeks. Within a few days, the train itself becomes an integral part of the experience, transforming into a tight-knit community of staff and fellow passengers sharing this momentous journey together.

From the comfort of your private suite, or amid the social atmosphere of the Golden Eagle's plush lounge cabin and bar, you’ll watch a myriad of breathtaking landscapes go by – picturesque farmland, alpine forests, jagged mountain ranges, pristine lakes and rivers, deserts, plains and steppes. We’ll enter gleaming stations in dazzling modern cities and chug past time-locked villages in the remote countryside.

Planned stops at every major destination along the route will give you a chance to truly discover the diverse array of people and cultures and the incredibly different lives lived in a land that spans the globe's geographical and historical East and West.

By the time your journey ends we will have passed through eight time zones, a third of the world’s total, and travelled an incredible distance of 6,500 miles through Russia and Mongolia.

15 days
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DAY 1:Welcome to Russia

Arrive at Moscow Airport, where you are met and transferred to the five-star Four Seasons hotel. Enjoy a welcome reception dinner this evening, whilst you meet fellow travellers and anticipate the epic 15-day voyage that lies ahead.

DAY 2:Moscow

A tour of Moscow takes you to the grandeur of the Kremlin to see the treasures of the Tsars in the Armoury Chamber. Then, stroll along the Red Square and enjoy the St Basil’s Cathedral, the world famous GUM department store and the evocative site of Lenin’s tomb.

End the day with a tour of the opulent stations of the Moscow metro. In the evening, board the Golden Eagle train - your home for the next ten nights.

DAY 3:Kazan

In Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, you have the opportunity to see for yourself its rich tapestry of history and culture. One of the highlights of this city tour is an exploration of the Kremlin Fortress and the picture-perfect onion-domed cathedral.

Afterwards, you will enjoy a private concert of Feodor Chaliapinis' music. You will also have time to wander through the main pedestrian area of Kazan and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city.

DAY 4:Yekaterinburg

A Yekaterinburg city tour takes you to the poignant site where the Romanov, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, was executed with his family by the Bolsheviks in 1918 following 78 days of imprisonment.

The tour program features a visit to the recently opened Museum of Military Machinery - a real treat for anyone with an interest in the Soviet past, unparalleled by anything else along the route.

DAY 5:Novosibirsk

A Novosibirsk city tour takes you to the Lenin Square, where the imposing Opera House is located. In front of the Opera House, you visit an impressive statue of Lenin – a marvellous opportunity to have your photograph taken with this iconic political leader.

Alternatively, south of the city you could visit Novosibirsk’s excellent Railway Museum or choose to visit the State Art Museum.

DAY 6:Onboard

A day to unwind and reflect on the many sights and sounds we have experienced on our journey so far. Chat to your fellow passengers, perhaps learn a few words of Russian or simply enjoy the ever changing landscape outside your window as it unfolds.

DAY 7:Irkutsk

A visit to Irkutsk, the ‘Paris of Siberia’, takes you in the most significant sites and museums in this fascinating city, including an exploration of the classic wooden architecture. You could learn to cook some traditional Russian dishes with a local chef or you might also wish to visit a traditional Russian Dacha (summer house) or an urban apartment to get an insight into the everyday life of an average Russian family.

DAY 8:Lake Baikal

For five hours you wind your way through tunnels along cliff-hugging tracks above the Lake Baikal. Travelling onwards to the end of the Baikal branch line, you leave the train and travel by boat on the lake to Listvyanka, a small Baikal settlement nestling at the base of the surrounding hills.

Visit the Lake Baikal Museum and Aquarium, where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the lake. You will enjoy a delicious barbecue, including freshly smoked omul fish, prepared by our own chefs on the shore of Lake Baikal to complete a memorable day.

DAY 9:Ulan-Ude

The ethnic and cultural diversity of Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Buryat Republic, offers a unique insight into its heritage.

During the exploration of the Old Believers’ village, you have the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of these religious people as you are treated to a concert, featuring local traditions and folk singing.

DAY 10:Ulaan-Baatar, Mongolia

The Trans-Siberian adventure takes you into Mongolia for a visit to its capital, Ulaan-Baatar.

This morning you start a tour at Gandan Monastery. You also visit the Chinggis Square with the monument to Genghis Khan. As an option, we drive out of the city to the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery of wild Mongolia, having the opportunity to visit a traditional Ger and meet a nomadic family or try your hand at horse-riding, an intrinsic part of Mongolian life.

DAY 11-13:Onboard

Enjoy Russia at its most dramatic and remote, as the Golden Eagle eats up the miles on our way to Vladivostok. Passing directly north of Seoul, Darwin and Osaka, you spend your last full day onboard the Golden Eagle today as the most easterly point of this mammoth journey is reached passing through Khabarovsk, where we cross the River Amur.

Tonight you enjoy a final dinner onboard before we approach the final destination on this unforgettable journey.

DAY 14:Vladivostok

After travelling through 8 time zones and covering a staggering 10,600km along this iconic railway, the Golden Eagle pulls into its final destination, Vladivostok.

Here you explore its principal military attractions, including a visit to a preserved World War Two submarine. A city tour will also take you to the iconic suspension bridge over the Golden Horn Bay.

DAY 15:Farewell hugs

Following breakfast, you will be transferred to Vladivostok Airport to begin your journey home.



Accommodation at luxurious 5* hotels in Moscow and Vladivostok

12 nights onboard of the comfortable Golden Eagle train


Full board, starting with dinner on the first day and ending with breakfast on the last day

Welcome and farewell dinners


Arrival and departure transfers, all transportation according to the itinerary with professional drivers


English speaking tour leader throughout the tour

24 hour service attendant and English speaking doctor services

Porter services at all railway stations

Activities and sights

Guided enriching tours with experienced English-speaking guides

Wide choice of optional off-train tours


All gratuities

Russian visa support documents

*Russian visa can be arranged by 56th Parallel for an additional cost (for Australian citizens only). Apply for comprehensive visa service here.

Not included

Flights, travel insurance, visa, optional excursions, individual transfers, tips

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May 5 - May 19, 2019 (M to V)
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Available US $16,695 US $8,000 Reserve
May 18 - Jun 1, 2019 (V to M)
Guaranteed Departures
Available US $16,695 US $8,000 Reserve
Jun 2 - Jun 16, 2019 (M to V)
Guaranteed Departures
Available US $16,695 US $8,000 Reserve
Jun 15 - Jun 29, 2019 (V to M)
Guaranteed Departures
Available US $16,695 US $8,000 Reserve
Jul 22 - Aug 5, 2019 (M to V)
Guaranteed Departures
Available US $17,795 US $8,400 Reserve
Aug 4 - Aug 18, 2019 (V to M)
Guaranteed Departures
Available US $17,795 US $8,400 Reserve
Aug 18 - Sep 1, 2019 (M to V)
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Available US $17,795 US $8,400 Reserve
Aug 31 - Sep 14, 2019 (V to M)
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Available US $17,795 US $8,400 Reserve
15 days
Moscow / Vladivsotok to Vladivostok / Moscow
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15 days
Make an enquiry Detailed Itinerary
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