Trans-Siberian Odyssey Across Russia

To discover Russia's mystery one has to cross it from the West to the East…
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From the history of Moscow to the beauty of Siberia, the Trans-Siberian is the most incredible rail journey in the world.

The Trans-Siberian Odyssey is a journey of discovery. Russia is a mysterious country and many have tried to understand it, but even Lev Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote about the Russian restless soul, torn between Oriental traditions and Western civilization. To understand Russia, one should get on a train and cross it from West to East.

The Trans-Siberian Railway is a perfect adventure — Being one of the most famous railways in the world — the path to the heart of Russia. Thousands of kilometres from the shores of the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, you will hear the beating of the iron heart, what it is silent about, what it is inspired by. Just trust in the road and the country will reveal its unexpected sides. You will see Russia in all its historical greatness, in the mixture of cultures and fortunes, in the architectural splendour and extravagance, diverse and united, unifying different people and religions.


  • Spend a couple of days in Moscow  - one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in Europe.
  • Kazan: Our first stop will be the city on the Volga River known as the “third capital” of Russia. On a tour of Kazan, you'll discover its intriguing Islamic influence and enjoy a Tartar folk performance with tastings of the local cuisine
  • Yekaterinburg is a modern city steeped in history and mythology. Our guided excursion will include the Church upon the Blood, dedicated to the last days of the Romanovs, and the monastery and temples considered to be the pearls of Russian religious architecture
  • Set foot on the shores of Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest lake, with a visit to Listvyanka village. Take in panoramic views of the lake, taste fresh lake-caught fish and enjoy the village’s cozy, holiday ambience.
  • The unique Siberian city of Ulan-Ude lies at the crossroads of East and West, harbouring a unique Buryat Buddhist culture. Visit a local dastan (monastery) on a tour of this fascinating and friendly city
  • Located on the Amur River which binds Russia and China, Khabarovsk is a nice, friendly town and a good break from the time on the train
  • Vladivostok is the termination of the Trans-Siberian Railway. It's the main Russian port on the Pacific Ocean and an interesting city to explore.

Travel onboard the Trans-Siberian Odyssey on an epic overland journey across Russia and East Asia, covering a total of 9,259km.  Travelling aboard one of the most modern Russian trains to ply the rail line, you’ll experience an incredible variety of landscapes and enjoy personalised service, with someone on hand at all times to answer any questions.

In two weeks, you’ll cross multiple time zones, discovering a fascinating rainbow of eastern and western cultures, customs and cuisine along the way. This tour includes hotel stays in Moscow and Vladivostok and planned excursions at every step along the route.

If you’ve longed to travel across Russia overland and experience the natural beauty, history and culture along the Trans-Siberian Railway, this is your chance.

15 days
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Day 1:Welcome to Russia

Welcome to the glorious capital of Russia! Meet the driver at the airport for a transfer to your centrally located 5* hotel. Spend this evening at your leisure, strolling along the busy streets or relaxing at the hotel's restaurant.

Day 2:Moscow

meet your guide and go on a full-day Moscow city tour. During the tour you take a walk through the famous merchant area of Arbat Street, see the famous Cathedral of Christ the Savior and go underground to explore the outstanding work of the Soviet architecture - the Moscow Metro. Later you go inside one of the most outstanding Moscow icons and the symbol of Russian power - the Kremlin. In the evening you are transferred to the railway station to board your luxurious Imperial Russia train and start your voyage across Eurasia. Enjoy your first dinner onboard and get to know your travel companions.

Day 3:Kazan

Today you arrive in Kazan - the beautiful capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and the centre of Tatar culture in Russia.

Upon arrival, you enjoy a grand city tour Old Kazan, which includes a visit to the white-walled Kazan Kremlin where you will see the famous Kul-Sherif Mosque and the old Peter and Paul Cathedral, a folk program Tugan Avalim and a traditional lunch with a master class revealing the secret of Tartar cuisine.

Day 4:Yekaterinburg

In the morning your train arrives in the famous capital of Ural - Yekaterinburg. Upon arrival, you have a guided city tour dedicated to the last days of the Russian Imperial Family. You visit the Church on Blood built on the site of the notorious Ipatiev House where the last Russian Emperor and his family were assassinated.

After lunch, you visit the memorial built at the boundary of Europe and Asia.

Day 5:Novosibirsk

Today you reach a region with great history and unique Siberian style and nature. Your train arrives in Novosibirsk - a city that proves that Siberia may be distant, but is certainly not desolate.

During your city tour, you see the Ballet and Opera Theatre, stroll along the ancient streets of Novosibirsk and enjoy the great views of the Ob River. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the Open Air Railway Museum where you see the most remarkable steam locomotives and historic passenger cars, which represent the development of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Day 6:Onboard

You spend day 6 onboard. Enjoy fantastic sceneries passing by your window, a diverse entertainment program, gourmet dining and a company of your fellow travellers from all over the world.

Day 7:Irkutsk

Arrive in Irkutsk, informally known as "Paris of Siberia" for its rich architecture and colourful live. During your sightseeing tour you visit the Decembrists' House, see the House of Europe also known as the "wooden lace" house, and take a walk along Karl Marx Street that is the most beautiful street in Irkutsk. After lunch, you take a trip to the nearby Taltsy village to visit its famous Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ethnography. Upon returning to Irkutsk you have some free time at Sloboda - a beautiful city quarter with reconstructed 19-20th century buildings.

Day 8:Lake Baikal

Today your train makes a stop at Lake Baikal that is the world's deepest freshwater lake known as the Pearl of Siberia. You start exploring Baikal from a ferry trip to Listvyanka village. During the sightseeing tour you enjoy magnificent views of the lake and the Angara River from the Chersky Stone observation platform, visit the Baikal Limnological Museum that has an interesting display of the unique flora and fauna of the lake, and do some shopping at the local fish and souvenir market. In the evening you have a traditional picnic on the shore of Lake Baikal.

Day 9:Ulan-Ude

Today you arrive in Ulan Ude - the capital city of the Republic of Buryatia. Upon arrival you meet your guide and enjoy a wonderful sightseeing tour around the most famous city attractions, including several impressive functional churches - the Ivolginsky Datsan, the Odigitria Cathedral and the Holy Trinity Church. Later you enjoy a warm reception in a traditional Buryat yurt by a Buryat family complemented with a folk program. You have a great opportunity to learn how to cook popular Buryat dishes, shoot with a bow, wear a traditional Buryat costume and assemble a yurt.

Day 10-11:Onboard

Next 2 days we are travelling through the beautiful landscapes of the Russian Far East. We spend our last full day onboard «Imperial Russia» train and approach the most eastern point of our journey. You might want to attend one of the interesting lectures or entertaining program.

Day 12:Khabarovsk

On arrival in Khabarovsk, we will take you to the most important sites and museums of this city. After a lunch break, we invite you to take a boat ride along the Amur River that forms a natural border of Russia and China. Enjoy the views of the city and entertainment onboard the boat. Later in the noon, take part in the workshop to create your own Russian souvenir – paint your own matryoshka - the famous nestling doll - to take as one of the numerous memories from this journey.

Day 13:Vladivostok

We traveled over 9,000 km along this famous railway to rich its final destination, the city of Vladivostok.

Vladivostok was founded in 1860 with mission to defend the south-eastern border of Russia. This city is nowadays the home base of the Pacific Russian military fleet. A free access was given to visitors only in 1992. We invite you to explore this city with dramatic past and a great future. Enjoy the bay view from a boat or from the top of one of the hills on which the city lies, walk the streets with ocean breeze, check out the historic sites and capture the refreshing spirit of the natural surroundings.

Today you will lodge in the hotel in town.

Day 14:Departure

After breakfast, take an advantage of some free time before your transfer to the airport from where you start your travel home.


5* hotels in Moscow and Vladivostok

Comfortable Imperial Russia train accommodation

Full board, starting with breakfast on the second day and ending with breakfast on the last day

Arrival and departure transfers, all transportation according to the itinerary with professional drivers

Experienced tour managers and their assistants are selected for their travel knowledge and their linguistic and organisational abilities allowing you to relax and enjoy your rail cruise

Guided enriching tours with experienced English-speaking guides

Russian visa support documents

*Russian visa can be arranged by 56th Parallel for an additional cost (for Australian citizens only). Apply for comprehensive visa service here.

Flights, travel insurance, visa, optional excursions, individual transfers

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15 days
Moscow / Vladivsotok to Vladivostok / Moscow
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15 days
Make an enquiry Detailed Itinerary
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