Discover the paradise of Altai Republic

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There are very good reasons why they call the Altai republic, an adventurer’s paradise.

Fans of adventure travel are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting destinations. People want to travel to locations that reward them with a pioneering sense of discovery. The latest hotspot is the Republic of Altai in the southeast of western Siberia, a mountainous region that shares its borders with Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. Altai covers seven unique climatic zones, so it’s not so surprising that its landscapes have been compared to both the lush, alpine beauty of the Swiss Alps and the rugged, high altitude deserts of South America. In recent years, over 2 million tourists visited Altai annually. Over a quarter of them foreigners. A four hour flight from Moscow takes you to Gorno-Altaisk, the administrative centre of Altai. 

Altai Republic

Altai’s rugged geography is a veritable paradise for adventure lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts. Altai Republic offering spectacular ‘endurance trails’ in the form of mountain hikes, horseback safaris, river rafting and glacier climbing. More relaxed experiences can be found staying in charming highland villages, luxuriating in eco-resorts or enjoying skiing, snowboarding and mineral hot springs at the excellent Belokurikha ski resort.

Altai Republic accomodation

Altai Republic changing landscape

Altai receives tourists year round. It has superb snow in winter, hot summers and comfortably mild autumns and springs. In addition to its remarkable natural diversity, Altai boasts some of Russia’s best preserved indigenous culture. Age-old shamanic and nomadic traditions still continue here, providing fascinating opportunities for tourists to observe ancient customs and sample traditional cuisine.


Altai Republic forest landscape


Attractions at Altair Republic

Altai’s biggest draw card however is its extraordinary natural scenery. The dramatic Golden Mountains are World Heritage listed for their exceptional biodiversity and untouched glaciers. The taiga forests are a last refuge for rare wildlife such as the snow leopard, and over 20,000 lakes and tributaries sprawl throughout the sparsely populated Republic. It’s little wonder that this pristine wilderness is attracting eco and adventure tourists from across the globe. For intrepid travelers seeking a unique blend of solitude and excitement, Altai is truly paradise.

Take a moment to take in the Beauty of the Altai republic, Siberia’s Adventure paradise.

Altai Republic landscape

Altai Republic local culture

Kayaking at Altai Republic

Tourists at Altai Republic

Altai Republic Mountain Landscape

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