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Home to over 190 ethnic groups, Russian culture is thought to be as vast and mysterious as the country’s extensive landscape and geographic reach. However, Russian culture and ethnography extend far beyond the stereotypical notions of vodka, bears and beautiful Russian women. Immerse yourself in a culture rich in history, strong traditions and influential arts, especially within the fields of literature, ballet, painting, classical music and architecture.

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With each city carrying its own unique customs and traditions, you will get to experience a different side of this culturally diverse country with every destination you visit. Travel to Moscow or St Petersburg and be exposed to the cultural and artistic riches of upper-class Russia. Conversely, Siberian cities such as Yamal and Yakutia reflect the realities of living in the far east with their bitter cold winters and nomadic indigenous communities. Want to take a step back in time? The cities of the Golden Ring still preserve elements of ancient Russia, from medieval forts to towering monasteries, and will give you an insight into what traditional Russian lifestyle truly is.

The Ultimate Yamal Travel Guide

Russia Travel Experiences | Russian Culture & Ethnography | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 25th Mar 2020
Yamal Travel guide

We are proud to introduce the Yamal Travel guide.

With almost the entirety of its territory above the Arctic Circle, Yamal is completely ice-bound for seven to nine months of the year.


11 must visit museums of Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Russian Culture & Ethnography | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 24th Mar 2020
St Petersburg tour Russia

The Museums of Moscow and St Petersburg bring to light the rich and deep cultural history of Russia. Visitors will indulge in a journey through history, politics, art, culture, and science. 


Travel in time with indigenous Russia

Russian Culture & Ethnography | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 24th Dec 2019
indigenous russia

Indigenous Russia refers to early tribes from the Far North, Central and Southern Siberia and the Far East, who live in the same territories and keep the same way of life and traditions over centuries. 41 so-called tribes were recognized by Russian law in the year 2000 as a “Minor Indigenous People of Russia”.  READ MORE

Shamanism in Russia - Ancient Rituals & Traditions

Russian Culture & Ethnography | Written by Alicja Pietrasz | Last updated on 19th Nov 2019
shamanism in siberia

If you thought that shamanism is popular only among the African or South American tribes you were wrong. Buryats living on the western shore of Lake Baikal, are in majority shamanists, not only in theory but what’s most important in practice. Shamanism in Russia and Siberia has survived the time through their beliefs, shamans and rituals, moreover – they are currently going through resurrection on a great scale. Get to know what are their beliefs, rituals and where to meet them, when visiting Russia. READ MORE

Nenets Reindeer Migration - Life of Nomadic Siberians in Yamal

Russian Culture & Ethnography | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 24th Dec 2019
reindeer migration, Nenets migration

The annual reindeer migration sees thousands of reindeer and the Nenet people who herd them travelling up to 1000 kilometres along the Yamal Peninsula to the Kara Sea in Siberia. READ MORE

Russian Food - 10 Dishes You Must Try

Russian Culture & Ethnography | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 24th Dec 2019
Blini - russian food

Russian food might not have the international renown of other, more widespread cuisines, but little-by-little, the foodie community is starting to uncover the true, delicious nature of traditional Russian food, and the unique, slightly eccentric and family-oriented philosophy that defines Russian food culture.


Taltsy Museum - Step Into Siberian Life

Russian Culture & Ethnography | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 27th Aug 2018
Taltsy museum Lake Baikal

The Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ethnography allows visitors to step into the everyday life and culture of Russians, Siberians from past centuries. READ MORE

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