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11 must visit museums of Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Written by 56th Parallel on 8th May 2018
Museums of Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia tours

The Museums of Moscow and Saint Petersburg bring to light the rich and deep cultural history of Russia. Visitors will indulge in a journey through history, politics, art, culture, and science.  READ MORE

Travel in time with indigenous Russia

Written by 56th Parallel on 17th May 2016
indigenous russia

Indigenous Russia refers to early tribes from Far North, Central and Southern Siberia and Far East, who live in the same territories and keep the same way of life and traditions over centuries. 41 so-called tribes were recognized by Russian law in the year 2000 as a “Minor Indigenous People of Russia”.  READ MORE

Shamanism in Siberia - embrace the ancient rituals and traditions

Written by Alicja Pietrasz on 18th Jun 2015
shamanism in siberia

If you thought that shamanism is popular only among the African or south American tribes you were wrong. Buryats living on the western shore of Lake Baikal, are in majority shamanists, not only in theory but what’s most important in practice. Shamanism in Russia and Siberia has survived the time through their beliefs, shamans and rituals, moreover – they are currently going through resurrection on a great scale. Get to know what are their beliefs, rituals and where to meet them, when visiting Russia. READ MORE

Nenets Reindeer Migration - Life of Nomadic Siberians in Yamal

Written by 56th Parallel on 13th Jul 2013
nenets reindeer migration

The annual reindeer migration sees thousands of reindeer and the Nenet people who herd them travelling up to 1000km’s along the Yamal Peninsula to the Kara Sea in Siberia. READ MORE

Traditional Russian Food

Written by 56th Parallel on 4th Jul 2013
Russian food

Traditional Russian food unsurprisingly varies across this vast country, a country with often extreme climates that has over time refined its culinary techniques.  READ MORE

Mysterious Altai Princess Ukok

Written by 56th Parallel on 27th Jun 2013
Ukok princess Altai

The Altai Princess Ukok, a 2.5 thousand year old Russian Princess, shrouded in mystery now lives in the Anokhin National Museum. READ MORE

Romantic Russian Weddings

Written by 56th Parallel on 22nd Jun 2013
russian wedding

A Romantic Russian Wedding in the snow. What more could you ask for? A white winter wedding may not be the norm in Siberia, but it is certainly a romantic idea for anyone who is not afraid of the cold.  READ MORE


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