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Russia offers some of the most unique and authentic travel experiences that everyone needs to have a least once in their lifetime! This includes cosmopolitan Russian cities, snow-capped mountains, timeless townships, old Soviet military bases, volcanic craters and ancient forests.

Discover Russia through the eyes of experienced travel bloggers. They’ll take you through the good, the bad and the absolutely breathtaking aspects of this often misunderstood country. 

Russia Travel Guides

We offer comprehensive downloadable travel guides catering to your desired trip style and Russia travel experiences. We offer private or small group tours, luxury travel, photography tours, school trips within Russia’s capital cities, Trans-Siberian railway tours, Volga River cruises, winter tours in Siberia and adventure tours. 

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Interested about Cultural Immersion For Russia Travel Experiences?

You’ll unravel the many delights of Russian cuisine while strolling through the marvellous streets of Moscow and St Petersburg. In Russia’s capitals, you’ll get the opportunity to explore the diverse array of local restaurants near famous landmarks. As you embark on a life-changing journey around the country, Russia’s rich cultural monuments and architectural gems will be on full display. From vibrant, onion-domed cathedrals and ancient wooden monasteries…to the finest art galleries, classical museums and UNESCO World Heritage sites, you’ll never be bored of what Russia has to offer. 

The Russian capitals are also brimming with numerous theatres, concert halls and entertainment venues, from the Bolshoi Theatre to the Hermitage Theatre. These all hold incredible performances related to ballet, opera, classical music and traditional folk dancing. You’ll find yourself in awe at the surrounding medieval grandeur of Russia’s Golden Ring, which is located northeast of Moscow, where archaic fortresses, grandiose palaces and idyllic meadows dominate the scenery.

Craving An Adventure Voyage & Nature Expedition Across Russia?

For more adventurous travellers, rest your eyes upon the spectacular view of the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in Murmansk which streak magnificently across the clear night skies.  You can also unearth the mysteries of the vast, uninhabited archipelago of Franz Josef Island during an breath-taking arctic expedition.

If you’re searching for a quiet escape away from the noisy clutter of the modern world, then look no further than taking an adventure cruise to Wrangel Island, a remote Arctic refuge which is renowned for the world’s biggest population of polar bears. Situated off the northeast coast of Siberia, this hauntingly beautiful yet lonely wilderness provides the perfect Russia travel experiences for nature lovers and adventure seekers. 

Russia has many fun, exhilarating travel experiences such as hiking around Russia’s far east in Kamchatka and the Commander/Kuril Islands. You’ll be surrounded by hot springs, geysers, volcanoes and abundant wildlife with bears, Arctic foxes, sea lions (and more).

Whether you’re preparing for your long-anticipated Kamchatka adventure, searching for reasons to visit the frozen wonderland of Lake Baikal, or simply looking for quality travel inspiration for your next trip, our Russia travel blogs are here to help. Discover new and exciting must-see destinations and hear first-hand traveller experiences. Gain insider tips, local advice and travel expertise on what to expect when visiting Russia. 

Want to Experience Russia’s Indigenous Villages & Countryside? 

Beyond the main capitals, Russia is exploding with rural villages, quaint fairytale cottages and sprawling countryside regions that have been sculpted by centuries of rich Soviet Era history. This can be seen through ancient villages such as Kinerma in the Karelian Republic and Vyatskoye in the Yaroslavl region.

In the aftermath of Soviet collectivised agriculture and state industrialisation, many of these rural centres have preserved their traditional way of life. Many local civilians live inside unique wooden terrace houses and honour sacred customs. You’ll never find more authentic and culturally enriching travel experiences when exploring Russia’s countrysides. 

Russia’s beautiful natural landscapes within Altai Republic and Yamal Peninsula are also home to the various indigenous tribes of Russia (such as the Nenets people). You’ll have the rare opportunity to go dog-sledding, white-water rafting  and horseback-riding. Whether you prefer hiking across Altai’s majestic Golden Mountain ranges and learning about the nomadic folk, discovering Karelia’s peasant traditions, or experiencing the resilient livelihoods of indigenous tribes in the Arctic Circle, Russia has all the wonderful travel experiences which you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

We understand that many still see Russia as unknown territory, making it an unusual (and at times scary) travel destination. That is why our goal is to make the unfamiliar familiar. We help travellers feel more at ease by exposing them to the natural beauty and soul of almighty Russia. This is not only within the major cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, but also the lesser-known yet equally beautiful rural townships and villages.  

Educational tour to Russia
Russia Travel Experiences

A Teacher's Guide to Planning an Educational Tour to Russia

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

Planning an Educational tour to Russia can be an extremely daunting task for many teachers. However, it is an incredibly rewarding experience when done properly, giving you and your students many opportunities for personal development and intellectual growth. 

Russian village
Russia Travel Experiences

Rural Russia: Discover Life in Russia Beyond the Capitals

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 11th Oct 2021

Have you ever wondered what rural life beyond Russia’s bustling major cities is like? Or have you simply wanted to escape to the more quiet, pleasant outskirts beyond its capital hubs? 

Northern Lights Russia Murmansk tours Aurora
Russia Travel Experiences

Northern Lights in Russia - The Travel Guide

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 11th Oct 2021

This guide was created to help travellers who are considering experiencing the Northern Lights in Russia. We look into some essential considerations that will help you plan for the best possible Northern lights experience and help you decide where how and to take it all in.

Yamal tour Nenets Siberian migration tribes Russia,Yamal Peninsula travel guide
Russia Travel Experiences

Yamal Travel Guide - the Land of Nomadic Nenets

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

As the world gets smaller, there’s a desire to go further – and there are just a few places as enchantingly far away as Yamal. One of the last refuges of Russia’s nomadic reindeer herders, it is so far north that most of it is located beyond the Arctic Circle.

Franz Josef Land Cruise Sea Spirit Russian Arctic & Svalbard
Russia Travel Experiences

The Majesty of Franz Josef Land - Cruising Russia’s Arctic Frontier

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

Roughly 1,000km from the North Pole lies Franz Josef Land, the world’s northernmost archipelago almost entirely covered by ice. The 190 islands in the Franz Josef chain are Russian territory – although some 3,800 polar bears who reside on the islands may disagree.

Altai Adventure Tour Siberia tour Russia
Russia Travel Experiences

Altai Travel Guide - Known as Russia's Switzerland

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

Welcome to majestic Altai, a land of snow-capped mountains, fascinating nomadic tribes and heart-stopping wilderness adventures. One of the most beautiful and pristine regions in all of Russia, the borders of this wild and untamed domain touch the semi-deserts of Mongolia and the vast Kazakh plains.

Altai tour Russia Siberia
Russia Travel Experiences

8 Reasons Every Traveler Must Visit Altai Republic

By Isabel Mellor | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

It’s time to visit Altai in Russia, Siberia, if you’re searching for an untouched, raw paradise of adventure and sublime natural beauty. READ MORE

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