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From cosmopolitan Russian cities to snow-capped mountains, timeless townships to ancient forests, Russia offers some of the most unique and authentic travel experiences that everyone needs to have a least once in their lifetime. Discover Russia through the eyes of experienced travel bloggers as they take you through the good, the bad and the absolutely breathtaking aspects of this often misunderstood country.

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Whether you’re preparing for your long-anticipated Kamchatka adventure, searching for reasons to visit the frozen wonderland of Lake Baikal, or simply looking for quality travel inspiration for your next trip, our Russia travel blogs are here to help. Discover new and exciting must-see destinations, hear first-hand traveller experiences, and gain insider tips and advice from locals and travel experts on what to expect when visiting Russia.

We understand that many still see Russia as unknown territory, making it an unusual (and at times scary) travel destination. That is why our goal is to make the unfamiliar familiar. We help travellers feel more at ease by exposing them to the natural beauty and soul of almighty Russia, not only within the major cities of Moscow and St Petersburg but also the lesser-known but equally as beautiful rural townships and villages

The Majesty of Franz Josef Land - Cruising Russia’s Arctic Frontier

Russia Travel Experiences | Written by Fiona Davis | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Franz Josef Land Cruise Sea Spirit Russian Arctic & Svalbard

Roughly 1,000km from the North Pole lies Franz Josef Land, the world’s northernmost archipelago. Although uninhabited (save for a small troupe of hardy military personnel) and almost entirely covered by ice, the 190 islands in the Franz Josef chain are Russian territory – although some 3,800 polar bears who reside on the islands may disagree.


Altai Republic Travel Guide - Known by Locals as Russia's Switzerland

Russia Travel Experiences | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 19th Nov 2019
Altai Travel Guide

Welcome to the majestic Altai Republic, a land of snow-capped mountains, fascinating nomadic tribes and heart-stopping wilderness adventures. One of the most beautiful and pristine regions in all of Russia, the borders of this wild and untamed domain touch the semi-deserts of Mongolia and the vast Kazakh plains, blessing Altai with one of the most varied climates in Siberia.


8 Reasons Every Traveler Must Visit Altai Republic

Russia Travel Experiences | Written by Isabel Mellor | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Altai tour Russia

It’s time to visit Altai in Russia, Siberia, if you’re searching for an untouched, raw paradise of adventure and sublime natural beauty. READ MORE

Top 13 Must-See Stops Along the Trans Siberian Railway

Russia Travel Experiences | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Trans Siberian Stops, trans siberian tours, golden eagle, lake baikal

It is safe to say that a journey along the famous Trans-Siberian Railway would be a dream come true for many travellers. Known as the world’s longest single railway journey, a trip on the Trans-Siberian would take you across 10 different time zones in Russia over the span of one week. Starting from the glamorous city of Moscow and ending at Vladivostok in the Russian Far East, the train passes through quaint rural villages, towering mountains and ancient Siberian forests. There are many Trans Siberian stops that can be made en route, each capturing a different aspect of the mysterious Russian soul. To help you decide where to visit, we’ve put together a list of our travellers’ top 13 favourite stopover destinations along the Trans-Siberian Railway. READ MORE

Kamchatka Travel Guide - Essential Attractions

Russia Travel Experiences | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Kamchatka travel guide

If you’re the type of traveller who tends to avoid the well-trodden path in search of one-of-a-kind adventure experiences, Kamchatka should be at the top of your bucket list. We are proud to share this essential Kamchatka travel guide with you, enjoy the journey! READ MORE

9 reasons to visit Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal

Russia Travel Experiences | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Olkhon Island

Visiting Olkhon Island is just like travelling back in time, a journey back to nature. I will never forget my trip to Olkhon Island because in many ways it cleansed my soul. Olkhon Island is located in the middle of the Worlds Largest and deepest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal is aptly named “Little Forest” (in the native Buryat Tongue). READ MORE

16 Must Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia

Russia Travel Experiences | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia, Red square

Did you know that there are currently 26 UNESCO world heritage sites in Russia? That makes Russia 9th in the world for its total number of World Heritage Sites – 16 of which are cultural and 10 of which are natural. READ MORE

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