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It can be hard to know where to start when planning your next holiday to Russia. What should your first step be? What about your second? Where will you stay? What will it be like there? As they say, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way when it comes to travel. Having a few simple measures in place could mean the difference between a jaw-clenching nightmare or a seamless adventure.

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To help bridge any gaps that you might have, we have compiled a range of Russia travel tips and essential advice on everything you need to know before travelling to Russia. From applying for a Russian visa, to train travel and money, we are here to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

How to apply for a Russian visa in 3 easy steps

Written by Michael Schneider on 17th Nov 2017
Moscow Kremlin, Moscow

Presenting: your comprehensive guide to obtaining a Russian Visa. Read on to uncover the 3 simple steps needed to begin your next adventure in Russia. READ MORE

12 reasons travellers fall in love with Russia

Written by 56th Parallel on 13th Sep 2017
Fall in love with Russia

For the unfamiliar, the thought of Russia might conjure up images of vodka-swilling men in fur hats, or KGB spies from a Hollywood movie. But look past the stereotypes and you’ll discover a country of deep tradition, artistry and a passionate national identity. Read on and see why travellers fall in love with Russia. READ MORE

Trans-Siberian Railway - facts you must know before you go

Written by 56th Parallel on 26th May 2014

Trans-Siberian Railway is one of the best ways to explore Russia’s diverse landscapes via train travel. The railway’s main claim to fame is being the longest continuous rail journey on earth at a jaw-dropping 9,288 km in length. The Trans-Siberian stretches all the way from one end of Russia all the way to the other! For anyone with a love of overland travel, the Trans-Siberian Railway should definitely be on your bucket list. READ MORE

Russia becomes a bucket list destination

Written by 56th Parallel on 20th Jun 2013
Bucket List Destination St Basil

Spectacular sights, unique activities and a deep cultural history have long attracted visitors to the mystery of Russia as a bucket list destination. Changing economic conditions and the increasing popularity of Russia, as a destination for international tourists has driven costs of travel down, making Russia more accessible to visitors. READ MORE

The Magnificence of the Moscow Metro

Written by 56th Parallel on 4th Jun 2013

Discover the Marvels of the Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro, with its elaborate station designs and intricate system may be considered a destination in itself. Second only to Tokyo’s subways in terms of usage and passenger numbers, the Moscow Metro truly reflects the culture and style of Russia’s capital. READ MORE

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56th Parallel is a travel company specialising in providing packaged tours and travel services in Russia.

Our goal is to redefine travel to Russia, focusing on creating the most rewarding experiences, which help travellers unfolds the soul of this exciting destination.

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