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It can be hard to know where to start when planning your next holiday to Russia. What should your first step be? What about your second? Where will you stay? What will it be like there? As they say, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way when it comes to travel. Having a few simple measures in place could mean the difference between a jaw-clenching nightmare or a seamless adventure.

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To help bridge any gaps that you might have, we have compiled a range of Russia travel tips and essential advice on everything you need to know before travelling to Russia. From applying for a Russian visa, to train travel and money, we are here to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

The Best Restaurants Near Moscow's Most Famous Landmarks

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice | Written by Julian Andersen | Last updated on 19th Dec 2019
Turandot Moscow

Looking to satisfy your tastebuds while exploring famous Moscow landmarks? we’ve got you covered!

Being Russia’s historical, megacity capital, Moscow is bursting at the seams with incredible buildings and landmarks that embody the country’s rich history and culture. Strolling the historic streets, you’ll find yourself constantly in awe of the grand architecture awaiting you at every turn.


Karelia Travel Guide - Russia's Most Inspiring Region

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice | Written by Jiahui Tan | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Karelia Kizhi tour Russia

For those planning a trip to Russia and wanting an experience that goes beyond the walls of Moscow‘s metropolitan kingdom and St. Petersburg‘s splendid palaces, consider extending your holiday to Karelia! With the help of this Karelia Travel Guide, you won’t have to travel as far as Siberia to be surrounded by the authentic taiga. One night by train and you will find yourself in a land of white nights, boundless forests and crystal-clear lakes.


A Traveller's Guide to Russia’s Golden Ring Region

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
visit Russia

The perfect retreat from million-miles-an-hour Moscow, the medieval cities of Russia’s Golden Ring are nestled amid green hills and floral meadows, with rambling country roads surrounded by forests, lakes, orchards and wooden farmhouses. The idyllic ‘Mother Russia’ of old still exists, and it’s right here.


Kazan Travel Guide - Perfect Your Travel Itinerary

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice | Written by Rachael Brown | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Kazan Travel Guide

Craving a one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring trip to a place of ancient histories, visually spectacular, and spiritual marvels? The Kazan Travel Guide has everything you need to get just that.


Russia Destination Guide - Plan A Perfect Russia Trip

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice | Written by Michael Schneider | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Russia travel guide

Thinking of travelling to or within Russia but undecided on which destination to go? 

The world’s largest nation has it all – fast-paced, cosmopolitan cities with eye-popping architecture, quaint historic rural villages, mountain ranges, ancient volcanic landscapes, lakes, rivers and forests. From magnificent stretches of coastline to snow-swept tundra to semi-arid desert, no other country can challenge, surprise, inspire and delight visitors with incredible diversity quite like Russia. If you’re planning for the perfect holiday get-a-way to Russia whether it be independent, a guided trip, as part of a tour or a Russia travel package, this Russia destination guide is for you. READ MORE

The Ultimate Trans Siberian Railway Travelers Guide

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice | Written by Jiahui Tan | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Trans Siberian Guide, Trans Siberian Railway

The Trans Siberian Railway journey is easily one of the most talked-about train journeys in the world, and arguably the best way to experience Russia‘s diverse landscapes. From the classical grandeur of the great cities to rural fairytale villages, the scenery slowly transforms to reveal the pristine wilderness of the Ural Mountains, the forests of Krasnoyarsk and the awe-inspiring Lake Baikal. Here is your very own Trans Siberian Railway guide.  READ MORE

Hassle Free Russian Visa Application

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice | Written by 56th Parallel | Last updated on 23rd Dec 2019
Moscow Kremlin, Moscow, Russian visa application

A guide to obtaining a Russian Visa, hassle free.ation form

Worried about getting a Russian visa? Relax, we’ve got you covered. This article will take you through the visa process, with additional tips for a turbulence-free journey. You will be traversing the country with matryoshka, vodka and bears in no time!


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