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It can be hard to know where to start when planning your next holiday to Russia. What should your first step be? What about your second? Where will you stay? What will it be like there? As they say, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way when it comes to travel. Having a few simple measures in place could mean the difference between a jaw-clenching nightmare or a seamless adventure.

To help bridge any gaps that you might have, we have compiled a range of Russia travel tips and essential advice on everything you need to know before travelling to Russia. From applying for a hassle-free Russian visa, to train travel and money, the top Moscow/St Petersburg restaurant recommendations, bucket list of Russian landmarks and essential luggage items, we are here to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. 

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Russia Travel Tips: Visa Application 

A Russian Visa is essential for most foreigners travelling to Russia for tourist purposes. We recommend applying for a visa at least ONE MONTH before your final departure. There are many types of visas (single, double or multiple entry invitations) for both tourist and business purposes. We also offer concierge visa services for travellers who prefer to leave the entire visa application process to the experts, who can ensure that your application will be approved promptly.  Getting a Russian Visa involves 3 easy steps – invitation document, online application and registration. Find out more about the whole Russia visa application process from start to finish! 

Russia Essential Advice: Travel Insurance 

Before your departure to Russia, you should make sure that your travel insurance documents are valid for the duration of your stay and that they cover the activities of your planned trip. This especially includes medical costs and cancellation costs. Adequate travel insurance is crucial for any kind of emergency or unforeseen circumstance during your travel. We recommend using WorldNomad’s travel insurance, so get an instant quote here. Your travel insurance policy should be conveyed before you embark on your  journey to Russia. To mitigate these potential risks, we also offer Russia travel tips and essential advice on health and safety, including recommended medical supplies and personal safety precautions. 

Russia Travel Tips: Trans-Siberan Railway Guide 

If you’re looking for a blissfully tranquil way to experience Russia’s diverse landscapes, then the Trans-Siberian Railway is for you. It is the world’s longest single railway, covering Moscow to the Far East of Vladivostok and carrying passengers through ever-changing picturesque sceneries. You’ll get to embark on a magnificent journey through beautiful cityscapes and vast countrysides which stretch for miles into the wilderness. From the enchanting, pristine waters of Lake Baikal to the impressive Tsarist goldmine of Yekaterinburg, you’ll be given numerous travel tips and expert advice on Russia train routes, schedules, Trans-Siberian railway tour packages, classes, visas, booking tickets and more! 

Russia Travel Tips: Luggage Essentials 

It is absolutely pivotal for you to prepare a checklist of essential items before heading off to Russia. Since baggage restrictions are becoming more severe and airlines are imposing higher fees, we recommend packing one luggage per traveller and a smaller backpack. On this note, make sure that you check the weight limit of your baggage to avoid any additional costs. You should also pack sufficient clothes for at least one week, which should also be suited for the Russian weather and seasonal climates. Other essentials for your Russia trip should be relevant medication, electric plugs and adapters, mobile phone, travel apps and translation guides. For more detailed information, check out our Russia Tips and essential advice blog. 

Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice

7 Reasons to Consider a School Trip to Russia

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 22nd Jul 2020

The impact of a school trip to Russia can have on a student is immeasurable. Beyond the fun and adventure are incredible educational and social benefits that students can experience and gain from embarking on an educational tour. When able to see, touch and smell the very subjects they have learned about in classrooms, students return with a deeper connection and passion for their studies, and understanding of people, history and culture.

Moscow food guide, Best restaurants near moscow landmarks
Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice

The Best Restaurants Near Moscow's Most Famous Landmarks

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

Looking to satisfy your tastebuds while exploring famous Moscow landmarks? we’ve got you covered! Being Russia’s historical, megacity capital, Moscow is bursting at the seams with incredible buildings and landmarks that embody the country’s rich history and culture.

Moscow restaurants
Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice

Moscow Restaurants: Best Cafe & Restaurants in Moscow on Any Budget

By Michael Schneider | Last updated on 29th Jun 2020

Moscow’s restaurant scene is booming with Russian dishes that are to die for. A city in the midst of a foodie revolution where almost anything goes, there is perhaps no dining scene in Europe as dynamic, exciting and adventurous as Moscow’s. 

Trans Siberian Stops
Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice

A Travelers Guide to the Trans Siberian Railway

By Jiahui Tan | Last updated on 4th Jun 2020

The Trans-Siberian Railway journey is easily one of the most talked-about train journeys in the world, and arguably the best way to experience Russia’s diverse landscapes. From the classical grandeur of the great cities to rural fairytale villages, the scenery slowly transforms to reveal the pristine wilderness of the Ural Mountains, the forests of Krasnoyarsk and the awe-inspiring Lake Baikal. This Trans Siberian Guide will help you make most of your experience.

St Petersburg tour Russia
Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice

11 must-visit museums of Moscow and St Petersburg

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 11th Oct 2021

The Museums of Moscow and St Petersburg bring to light the rich and deep cultural history of Russia. Visitors will indulge in a journey through history, politics, art, culture, and science. 

Russian visa
Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice

How to Apply for a Russian Visa, Essential Guide

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 6th Jul 2020

Worried about getting a Russian visa? Relax, we’ve got you covered. This article will take you through the visa process, with additional tips for a turbulence-free journey. You will be traversing the country with matryoshka, vodka and bears in no time!

visit Russia
Russia Travel Tips & Essential Advice

12 Reasons Everyone Must Visit Russia

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 11th Oct 2021

For the unfamiliar, the thought of Russia might conjure up images of vodka-swilling men in fur hats, or KGB spies from a Hollywood movie. But look past the stereotypes and you’ll discover a country of deep tradition, artistry and a passionate national identity. Read on and see why travellers visit Russia and why they fall in love with the country.


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