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Described by Winston Churchill in 1939 as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, Russia has for centuries been one of the world’s greatest uncertainties. Check out this Russia Travel Blog for some of the most unique and weirdest facts about Russia. 

Despite being the largest nation in the world, little is truly known about Russia and its culture. Many people do not tend to look beyond Hollywood’s portrayals of Russian spies and the Russian mafia and take the political scaremongering news at face value. However, there are little-known facts and secrets about this culturally rich and diverse nation that are really quite interesting.

With our Russia Travel Blog, we’ll take you through an insightful journey that dissects the various media stereotypes about Russia. In doing so, we’ll give you a more authentic, fascinating depiction of this largely misunderstood nation. This encompasses Russian politics, shamanism and religion, local customs, mythology and folklore, architecture, pop culture and arts. 

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Russia Weird Facts: History, Mythology & Superstitions 

From hidden, nature-defying landscapes to the true meaning behind the elusive Russian smile, you will be exposed to some weird, and almost always wonderful, facts about Russia. For instance, you’ll get an insightful glimpse into this country’s history. Think about Russia’s Viking blood ties, its unique imperial Tsar history and the Soviet Communist regime with secret military cities. Our Russia travel blog will also expose you to the unique cultural facets of Russia which never fail to baffle foreigners. Check out delightful Russia mythology that spans from the old witch-like woman Baba Yaga and the golden Firebird. You’ll be introduced to weird Russian superstitions, including bad luck caused by whistling indoors and keeping booze bottles on tables. 

Russia Interesting Quirks: Culture & Architecture 

Beyond history, our blog articles delve into the smaller, yet equally riveting aspects of Russia. For instance, you may wonder about stray dogs navigating their way around Moscow’s metro and subway stations. Or maybe Russia’s largely remote wilderness which accounts for 60% of the entire country. Perhaps you’re interested in unique holidays (such as Cosmonaut’s Day and Sviyatki), along with culturally enriching festivities including Russia’s very own Mardi Gras – Maslenitsa. This special week is where civilians indulge in enormous stacks of pancakes which are covered in sour cream and caviar! Not only that, our Russia travel blog will cover some of Russia’s ornate architectural gems in the Golden Ring. Marvel at churches with their colourfully painted onion domes, coupled with the ancient wooden ensembles of Karelia. We’ll also delve into Russia’s renowned symbols, including the origins of the matryoshka dolls.

Russia’s Wonderful Places: Geography, Nature & Wildlife

Our Russia Travel Blogs cover the amazing natural phenomena, geography and unique wildlife that thrive amongst Russia’s different regions. This includes the impressive volcanic giants and hot springs of the “Pacific Ring of Fire” Kamchatka, along with its diversity of exotic wildlife. Embark on a wonderful journey learning about brown bears, arctic foxes, beluga whale, sea otters and polar bears! Not only that, you’ll get a fascinating glimpse into the awe-inspiring Northern Lights that illuminate Murmansk, Kola Peninsula. In this breathtakingly remote region, there is an abundance of weird, yet wonderful Russia travel experiences. These span from cultural immersion into the Saami people’s traditions and husky sledding to riding reindeers.

You’ll also unravel the mysteries of Russia’s indigenous nomadic tribes, including the Nenets (reindeer herders) in Yamal Peninsula. Other splendid geographical sites which will take your breath away include the frozen magical winter wonderland of Lake Baikal. This UNESCO heritage site is 25 million years old and is considered to be the world’s deepest lake at 1642m!

We hope to spark your interest to find out more about this uniquely beautiful country and possibly even inspire you to book your next trip to Russia to experience it yourself.

Golden Ring tours Russia
Russia's Weird & Wonderful

Russian architecture - discover the history of Russia's architectural gems

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 15th Jun 2020

To learn more about Russia’s rich cultural history, all you need to do is look around. Russian architecture, from its signature onion dome rooftops to red-brick kremlins, tells a thousand tales about the nation’s past.

Russian smile
Russia's Weird & Wonderful

The Russian smile: a mysterious facet of Russian culture

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 21st Apr 2020

Russians are stereotyped have a reputation for being stern and unsmiling people, but actually, Russians do smile often, and their smiles mean different things in 10 different situations.

Chara Sands Baikal
Russia's Weird & Wonderful

Chara Sands: mysterious Siberian desert

By 56th Parallel | Last updated on 21st Apr 2020

Bright yellow sand dunes and snow-covered mountains are not usually seen in any close proximity of each other let alone in one spectacular view. Discover the incredible Chara Sands for yourself. 


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