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Russian Architecture - Deconstructing the Powerful Landmarks

Written by 56th Parallel on 17th Dec 2013
Golden ring, Russia tour

To learn more about Russia’s rich cultural history, all you need to do is look around. Russian architecture, from its signature onion dome rooftops to red-brick kremlins, tells a thousand tales about the nation’s past. READ MORE

The Russian Smile: That elusive and mysterious facet of Russian culture

Written by 56th Parallel on 2nd Dec 2013

Russians have a reputation for being stern and unsmiling people, but actually, Russians do smile, and their smiles mean different things in 10 different situations. For centuries, everyday existence in Russia was a strenuous battle for survival. The life of the common Russian was gruelling, and worry became entrenched on their face as a permanent reflection of their hardship. What does the Russian smile mean to you? READ MORE

"I'm Siberian" - The Brand That Breaks The Ice

Written by 56th Parallel on 16th Sep 2013
I'm Siberian

I’m Siberian is changing the way the world sees the frosty cultural capital of Siberia, one t-shirt at a time. READ MORE

Khakassia - Mecca of Archaeological Discovery in Siberia

Written by 56th Parallel on 10th Sep 2013
Siberia,Russia travel tour

Khakassia is Siberia’s smallest region but one of Russia’s undiscovered historical gems considered a mecca of archaeological discovery within Siberia. READ MORE

Chara Sands: Mysterious Siberian Desert

Written by 56th Parallel on 8th Sep 2013

Bright yellow sand dunes and snow-covered mountains are not usually seen in any close proximity of each other let alone in one spectacular view. Discover the incredible Chara Sands for yourself.  READ MORE

Yakutia's Kingdom of permafrost Museum, Siberia’s Frozen Louvre

Written by 56th Parallel on 19th Apr 2013
Yakutia permafrost, Russia tour

A glittering transparent door swings open to an underground cavern where winter never ends. Welcome to the icy domain of the Yakutia’s Kingdom of Permafrost. READ MORE

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