Kamchatka Heli Skiing Adventure

Written by 56th Parallel on 24th Feb 2013
Kamchatka Heli skiing, Kamchatka skiing tour

This Kamchatka heli-skiing tour take takes you to soaring ridges blanketed in untouched deep powder snow, and to the top of the majestic volcanoes of the Pacific Ring of Fire in all their white winter splendour. Your helicopter touches down in the middle of nowhere – the summit of a towering and very-much-alive volcano. The Mi-8 helicopter is the ultimate chairlift, and the volcanic slopes of Kamchatka are the ultimate free ride. As the chopper disappears from view, the sense of isolation and the sheer silence of the mountains is profound. Take a moment to meditate on exactly where you are – one of the wildest, most remote places on Earth – then take a deep breath and away you go. Kamchatka is the ultimate winter wonderland for hardcore ski enthusiasts.


The exact volcanoes we’ll be flown to on this trip will be dependent on the weather and conditions allow. Some possible highlights include:

  •  Kamchatka’s trophy volcano for heli-skiiers is Mutnovsky (2,322m). Mutnovsky consists of several cones joined together. Thousands of years ago, the main cone collapses inside the volcano and formed a massive crater with glaciers, fumeraoles and boiling mud geysers. And yes, it is possible to ski into the crater, directly into the fumerole fields!
  • Viluchinsky (2,173m) is a perfectly cone-shaped volcano that boasts dozen beautiful gullies and wide slopes. Landing on the top you’ll be greeted with an incredible panoramic view through the clouds to fijord-like valleys below
  • Volcanoes such as Viluchinsky find their foothills right alongside the coast of the Pacific Ocean. In prime conditions, it’s possible to ski all the way from the top of the volcano to the ocean shore
  • Depending on the weather, we may have the opportunity to be dropped above the Bolshe-Banne valley and ski down to the edge of the valley’s thermal hot springs


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