Kamchatka surfing: Are you badass enough?

Written by Magdaléna Mandryk on 17th May 2016
Kamchatka surfing

Are you a surfer who is looking for a unique experience, surfing a break in one of the most remote regions on earth. Well, welcome to Kamchatka, more than 6500 miles from Moscow where a new generation of surfers is growing. Kamchatka surfing, catching crystal clear waves with snowy volcano peaks in a background is completely different and life changing experience. READ MORE

Shamanism in Siberia - embrace the ancient rituals and traditions

Written by Alicja Pietrasz on 18th Jun 2015
shamanism in siberia

If you thought that shamanism is popular only among the African or south American tribes you were wrong. Buryats living on the western shore of Lake Baikal, are in majority shamanists, not only in theory but what’s most important in practice. Shamanism in Russia and Siberia has survived the time through their beliefs, shamans and rituals, moreover – they are currently going through resurrection on a great scale. Get to know what are their beliefs, rituals and where to meet them, when visiting Russia. READ MORE

Wrangel Island - discover the beauty of a true explorer's paradise

Written by 56th Parallel on 23rd Apr 2015
Wrangel Island

Closer to Alaska than you might think, you can encounter an unparalleled travel experience, taking you all the way to the top of the world. John Muir, the first visitor to describe it to the world as the land in the “topmost, frost-killed end of creation”. This is Russia’s most exclusive, and alluring place – Wrangel Island. READ MORE

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