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The Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ethnography allows visitors to step into the everyday life and culture of Russians, Siberians from past centuries.

Taltsy Museum, Russia tour

Surround yourself in culture

Taltsy Museum, founded in 1966, opened for visitors in July 1980 and has since become a popular stop on the road to Lake Baikal. Taltsy is a unique, open-air museum which lets visitors walk around the 40 historical-architectural monuments and over 8,000 other exhibits.

Taltsy Museum

The museum is divided into two areas; the Russian and the Buryat areas and offers a range of historically and culturally significant monuments and exhibits from the 17-20th centuries.

Explore the Taltsy museum

The Museum is set on 67 hectares of protected land and featured replicate buildings from historical Siberian villages, including houses, farmsteads, churches, and a school building. Visitors can enter these historical building and see tools, clothes, furniture, and other everyday objects from Siberian village life.

Taltsy Museum inner building

Taltsy Museum

Open doors to traditional life

Each monument replicates life from a specific region of Siberia. The architectural complex of the museum displays an Evenk summer and autumn campsite, a cascade with three watermills, the farms of Moskovskiy, Seryshev, Prokopyev and Nepomiluev peasants, a common bread barn from Mangazeya, a school, a cemetery, Troitskaya church and Buryat summer camp.

Taltsy Museum tent

Taltsy Museum school

Taltsy Museum build

Among the more rare monuments, is the Tower of the Saviour built in 1667 and the Kazanskaya chapel of former Ilimsk fortress built between 1667and 1679. Both of these monuments were built over 300 years ago without any nails. These, as well as the houses near the Angara flood lands, were transferred to the Museum’s location from the flooded areas of the Ust-Ilimskaya.

Taltsy Museum

One of the most unique and fascinating sights to see at Taltsy is the exhibit of Buryat yurts. A cloth and wooden yurt are both on display, and inside of each is replicated the distinct men’s and women’s sides of the yurt, the sleeping area and the fire pit between them.

Taltsy Museum wooden yurts

Taltsy Museum house

On 20th February 1995, the Russian Federation President issued a decree to make The Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ethnography an object of national history and culture heritage.

Taltsy Museum big

Soak in the sights of the Angara River

The  Museum is located on the Angara River which makes the museum, already highly interesting and educational also a magnificently beautiful place to visit.

Angara RiverTaltsy Museum

Various celebrations occur throughout the year on the museum grounds. In February-March it is Maslenitsa (Mardi Gras), in April – Easter, in June – the Trinity, in July – All Russian Saints Day, in August – Transfiguration Day.

Cultural Dress

Experience this unique museum or learn more about Siberian culture and everyday life on our The Legend of Lake Baikal tour.

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