Trans Siberian Railway

Trans Siberian – Journey to the Heart of Mother Russia

A Trans Siberian Railway tour across Russia will allow you to genuinely experience the country with all your senses. One of the greatest train journeys of the modern era, a continental crossing along the Railway will reveal the truly rich cultural diversity and the historically profound bigger picture of the largest country in the world, Russia.

If you’ve dreamed of your own independent traveller’s pilgrimage on the Trans Siberian Railway, use the ticketing and schedule tools below to plan your journey and book tickets. If you’d prefer to share the adventure on an intimate guided tour, browse our small group and private Trans-Siberian tour itineraries and let mother Russia’s landscape and history unfold before your eyes.

Train schedule

Use this live tool to view the train schedule between any two cities in a selected date, and identify which train classes travel on a specific date.

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A live Trans-Siberian railway ticketing system, live train schedules, ticket classes, prices and availability for all trains.


Trans Siberian Tours

Browse our crafted Trans-Siberian small group tours and private departure packages.Tick a serious bucket list item and discover real Russia.


Trans-Siberian Routes

We understand you might have questions regarding travel aboard the Trans Siberian railway, below you will find useful information about routes, trains and travel classes, info Coming soon!

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