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If you always wanted to experience an adventure of a lifetime, Kamchatka is the perfect destination, a land of myth and legend, of larger than life wilderness and one of the last authentic places on Earth. Surrender yourself to the Kamchatka seaside for an eye-opening journey under the shadow of volcanoes. 

What can the Kamchatka seaside Cruise offer you?

A journey into the magnificent peninsula in the northeast of Russia offers unforgettable travel experience and memories that you cannot find anywhere else, being more of an emotional, inspirational and discovery experience. There are many excellent tours you can take in order to explore the grand landscapes of Kamchatka, most of which will allow you to embark on active adventures in natural settings and unique cultural heritage. Through mountains, volcanoes, hot springs, frozen tundra, abundant marine and land wildlife, this destination will leave you full of unforgettable memories and emotions, scenes of unique beauty and significance of raw Mother Nature.

In addition to the land tours and photography tours, which take you into the wilderness of Kamchatka, there are also several essential Kamchatka seaside trips that any passionate traveller should take. These will show you the fascinating sights of Kamchatka from the seashores and give you a deeper insight into the natural heritage of the peninsula.

Here are seaside destinations, you must experience while in Kamchatka:

Avacha Bay

Stunning Avacha bay (or Avachinskaya) is considered to be among the largest and most beautiful bays in the world, offering the picturesque panorama from the sea, fairly close to the capital of the peninsula. The short cruise in the bay takes 3 hours and includes a guide to point out to you, the natural highlights of the trip.

One of the astonishing highlights is a unique rock formation known as “The Three Brothers”. Also regarded as “The Gate to the City”, a special significance for is regarded to the three brothers, the guide will tell you the legend behind the formation.

kamchatka nature

©Photo by A.Peerages

Starichkov Island

Another unforgettable Kamchatka seaside attraction is Starichkov Island, located just about 30 km from the capital of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky into the Avacha Bay. While a very small and rocky island, this splendid natural wonder houses massive bird colonies that have determined its designation as a nature reserve. This cruise will take about 5-6 hours.

kamchatka nature

©Photo by Denis Budkov

kamchatka animals

©Photo by Denis Budkov

kamchatka wildlife

©Photo by Denis Budkov

kamchatka seaside

©Photo by Denis Budkov

You will be able to admire the thousands of tufted puffins and ancient murrelets that nest on the rocky coast. There are also smaller colonies of seagulls, cormorants, guillemots and other birds all around the small island. Seals colonies can also be admired around the shores.

kamchatka seals

©Phoho by Denis Budkov

Russkaya bay animals

©Photo by Denis Budkov

Russkaya Bay

The charming bay of Russkaya (“Russian Bay”), located in the southwestern part of the Avacha Gulf and resembling a fjord with its narrow and deep rocky coast. You will discover one of the most sensational destinations along the coast of Kamchatka on a  cruise that will offer moments of unique splendour and satisfaction.

A day cruise takes 10-12 hours and includes all meals on board, as well as fishing services. This journey will allow you a unique insight into the wild sea world of Kamchatka, ample opportunities to see sharks, killer whales, sea otters or sea lions, as well as to learn more about them and other wonders of this part of the world.

kamchatka walrus

©Photo by Denis Budkov

The craggy shores of the bay offer impressive sights, reminding of a Norwegian fjord and serving as a natural shelter for ships in the past. The panoramas of the imposing inland mountains and volcanoes add to the dramatic impact of being in this spectacular bay. Along the way, you will also get to fish the rich waters of the bay and taste the delicious fish & seafood specialities.

Kamchatka Cruise

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