Guinness World Record Attempt Strips Down 700 People

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For most skiers and snowboarders, stripping down to your swimwear to end a week’s skiing is a painful yearly ritual for losing a bet or game of poker. However, Russians take it to a whole new level with this Guinness world record attempt

No beach in sight

Facing similar conditions 700 people set about to break the Guinness World record attempt for the most people simultaneously skiing or snowboarding in only their swimwear. This record breaking attempt took place in Sheregesh, Russia, where the temperature was reported to be a mild 20 degrees above zero.

guinness world record attempt

Making Sheregesh famous

Sheregesh is an urban locality in Tashtagolsky District of Kemervo Oblast, Russia. It is named after brothers Sheregeshevy who struck iron ore in 1912. Previously known for its mining industry, it is now a popular winter sports resort where thousands of tourists from all around the world, go every winter for snowboarding and skiing. The tourist season last lasts from November till April. The climate here in Sheregesh is continental, winters are usually cold and snowy, the snow mantle reaches four meters. Whereas summers are short, chilly and windy. Sheregesh is Siberia’s most developed downhill skiing spot, locked away in the heart of Gornaya Shoria region of the Altai mountain range and nestled within miles of endless taiga. The Russian Ski Resort of Sheregesh, wher the temperature can reach -40C, does its best to reinvent the notion that one doesn’t go to Siberia for a good time but for a great time.

Russia Snowboarding

The previous Guinness world record set in Canada with 250 participants was easily broken with the 500 prepared badges running out well before the event commence at 12:00pm. Hundreds of half-naked skiers and snowboarders took part in a downhill skiing on Zelyonaya mountain in the Kuzbass. The bikini-clad event known as ‘Bikini Ride’ took place on April 20 as a part of the Grelka Sun & Ride Music Festival.

guinness world record attempt

Freezing for Guinness World record glory

Participants of all ages were permitted to wear only swimwear, sunglasses socks, and shoes creating an image more familiar to a beach while skiing or snowboarding down the Green Descent, a 700 meter stretch of slope. The mass descent of skiers and snowboarders was captured on video. Judges from the Guinness Book of Records monitored the event and will use photographs and videos from the day to finalise the record. The mobile cloakroom which met participant at the end of their decent would have been a welcome sight.

Organisers hope event will help to portray Sheregesh as a world class skiing and snowboarding destination and as one of the best ski resorts in Russia ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Skiing Russia

Although this record breaking attempt is likely to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, travellers can experience the ‘best snow in Russia’ from November until the end of April at the Sheregesh Resort.

The sun was like in Thailand, the snow like in Austria, and the party like Ibiza,” said an official quoted by The Siberian Times when the record attempt was made.


Sheregesh Skiing

People participated, snowboarded, enjoyed and posed.

Sheregesh Snowborading


Braving the chill factor, and the risk of some nasty injuries in the case of a fall, this is the moment a group of more than 500 skiers gathered in Sheregesh, Russia in a bid to bring smiles to the snowfields, and showed what skiing almost nude is all about.

They were thrilled and felt proud when it was confirmed they were successful in their bid to hold the largest ever swimwear parade on skies.

guinness world record attempt


Best ski resort in Russia

World Snowboard Guide gave Sheregesh the title of the best ski resort in Russia. Looking at the vastness of the country, it is a great honour, really well deserved. Snow remains here for over half a year, and its excellent quality (the snow is dry and fluffy) allows to achieve high-speed on the slopes.

Russia Guinness World Record

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Also, check out the below video of the Guinness world record Siberians hit the slow in cold snowy weather of Russia.

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