The Magical Ice Caves of Kamchatka

Written by 56th Parallel

Keep this to yourself, but what we have here is a discovery that is like nothing else on Earth from the land of the fire and ice –  A Magical Ice Cave in Kamchatka!

Located 70km south of Petropalovsk – Kamchatsky and is home to the beating heart of Siberia. On the edge of Siberia lies the every shifting landscape of Kamchatka. Sculpted by active volcanoes and glaciers, hides the jewel that is, the ice caves of the Mutnovsky Volcano.Kamchatka ice caves

A guide and a group of photographers found these caves by chance in late 2012. What resulted was some of the most mesmerising images as you can see, but I’ll let them speak for themselves.Don’t be misconstrued by the Disneyesque light show, this is nature on show, a natural refraction of light producing all the magical colors of the rainbow on the roves of these caves. The caves look to be the work of a skilled craftsman, but is the work of the underground river sourced from a volcanic hot spring.

ice cave in kamchatka

It was only by accident that the caves were discovered in the first place, the guide was said to have taken a route that was outside his usual plans. This same guide said that he would have trouble finding it now during the winter there is more that a meter of grey and dirty snow covering the entrance. 

It’s hard to find many places in the world like this, visitors have said that the whole landscape shifts and groans as if it were alive with a beating heart. With this beating heart it will forever change. This thousand year old cave will constantly be exposed to the strong winters that Siberia throws at it so who knows what it will look like next year?

This is for those adventurers that go the extra mile to experience something once in a lifetime so make it part of your bucket list, but please keep it a secret

inside cave with blue faraway

ice cave in kamchatka flare

kamchatka ice cave green

ice cave in kamchatka

ice cave in kamchatka

Ice cave Kamchatka

Kamchatka ice cave climber

ice cave in kamchatka

peschery kamchatki ice cave

ice cave in kamchatka

peschery kamchatki ice cave

ice cave in kamchatka

ice cave in kamchatka

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