Yakutia – Russia’s Winter Wonderland

Yakutia winter wonderland
Experience life in one of the most remote yet culturally rich regions on Earth – the Sakha Republic; land of the Yakuts; Siberia’s Arctic wonderland.

Discover Yakutia - a faraway place that plays host to ethereal polar nights and the northern lights, permafrost tundra and vast expanses of taiga forest. About 40% of Yakutia lies above the Arctic Circle. Much of it remains wild, pristine and largely unspoiled by development. One of Siberia’s most ethnically diverse regions, Yakutia is home to the Turkic-speaking Yakuts, many of whom still practice shamanism and nomadic lifestyles. The region is blessed with spectacular wildlife and is renowned for producing some of the cleanest diamonds on Earth. If you are searching for a unique and genuine Russian winter experience, this is the place to be.

Ride like a Siberian on the short, stocky and powerful Yakut horses as you venture to a rural house farm surrounded by taiga forest. Explore the Treasury of Yakutia Exhibition Center where superb collections of gold nuggets, platinum, silver, and large natural diamonds are stored. You will also have the opportunity to meet the famous blue-eyed Yakut Laika dogs, wander through the extraordinary underground gallery - the Kingdom of the Permafrost- and enjoy drinks at their famous ice bar.






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discover Yakutia
discover Yakutiadiscover Yakutia Reindeer sleigh ridediscover Yakutiadiscover Yakutia

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Day 1:Welcome to Yakutia

Welcome to Yakutia, one of the most far-flung regions of the Russian Federation.

The tour group will meet at Yakutsk Airport and transfer to our accommodation.

We’ll have lunch at the hotel before our afternoon sightseeing tour of Yakutsk city. Founded beside the Lena River in 1632 as Russia’s main outpost in Northeast Asia, Yakutsk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia.

Our first stop is the Treasury of Yakutia Exhibition Centre. Among the exhibits here is a superb collection of gold nuggets, platinum, silver, large natural diamonds, masterpieces from Yakutia’s jewellers and artisans made from gemstones, precious metals and bone.

Next, we’ll embark on a walking excursion through the old town, visiting the Church of Transfiguration.

Day 2:Yakutsk city tour

This full day in the countryside around Yakutsk will delight animal lovers.

We drive out of town in the morning to a rural horse farm surrounded by taiga forest. It’s here that we’ll meet the Yakut horse. This unique animal is the northernmost horse breed in the world. Short, stocky and powerful, the Yakut horse has exceptionally thick and long hair, thick skin and a layer of fat that allows it to survive the harshest of winters.

Get up close with these beautiful animals and enjoy a horseback ride around the property.

Afterwards, we head back to Yakutsk for visiting the Mammoth Museum. Here you’ll find one of the world’s most diverse exhibits on the Ice Age. The centerpiece is the perfectly preserved head of a woolly mammoth. Evidence of an entire menagerie of Ice Age animals have been uncovered from Yakutia’s layer of permafrost.

Day 3:Snowmobiling at Lena Pillars Nature park

This day is optional, and we offer you to spend this day, exploring one of the famous UNESCO sights – Lena Pillars - natural rock formation along the banks of the Lena River.

The pillars are 150-300m high and were formed in some of the Cambrian Period sea-basins.

We travel from Yakutsk to Batamai village by a van. The road goes through the ice along the stone pillars of Elanka, where we can see caves and ancient rock paintings.

From Batamai, we cross the Lena River to Lena Pillars by snowmobiles sitting in sledges.

We'll have a chance to enjoy this amazing UNESCO sight. Hot tea and lunch will be waiting for us right under the blue sky.

In the evening we will be transferred back to Yakutsk.

Day 4:The Kingdom of Permafrost

In the morning we drive to Chochur Muran, a fascinating cultural ethnographic complex and reproduction of the original Yakutsk fort built by Cossacks in 1632.

After lunch, we spend a few hours with the famous Yakut Laika dogs.

These dogs, a member of the spitz family, are renowned by explorers for their strength and bravery in the harshest conditions. Laikas have aided in important geographical discoveries in the South and North Pole.

We go on a fast and thrilling dog sled ride to another important Shaman Tree.

Next, we wander through an extraordinary underground gallery, The Kingdom of the Permafrost. Relish a cool drink from the ice bar and admire the gallery’s stunning ice sculptures, which are stored year round in natural permafrost.

After we will be transferred to Ytyk-Khaya Tourist Center, which is famous for its traditions, and hospitality.

The founders of the centre- the Atlasov’s family- have made a name for themselves thanks to hard work and soul. It is a place where unique national festivals (Ysyah, Kuyur), national sport competitions, and ice carving festivals are held. It is an introduction to a world of ancient rites such as fire taming, sun welcoming, purification and shaman fortune telling.

Day 5 :Farewell hugs

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for a flight back home.

However, you are more than welcome to extend your tour by visiting Mriny city. This remote city has flourished thanks to the diamond trade and is home to one of the world's largest kimberlite pipes (diamond quarries).



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